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Hair falling out....should i dye it?!?!


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As a lot of you know one side effect of this diet is that you hair can start to fall out. Mine has! Its gone from being very thick to being pretty thin. On saturday im getting my long hair cut short and i also wanted to get it dyed (its blonde at the moment and i want to get highlights.) Do you think its a good idea or should i leave the dying till my hairs back to normal?!??!!?!?!?!?!
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Hey, how long have you been off TFR? Did you hair loss start after you started your break? I lost some hair after 1 month of being off TFR and it continued for about 2 months, but although I notice it feels a little thinner it isnt enough for anyone else to notice.

Im not sure about dying your hair? I dont think it would effect your hair loss, but I dont know for sure?

Good Luck with your hair cut anyway!



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Iv been off TFR for just over a month and it started falling out pretty much soon after that. Its not like i have bald patches but i can tell a difference.

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My hair started to fall out about 3 weeks after I stopped lipotrim. I am now on day 3 of restart and am hoping that it will stop! XX

Lil K

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I experienced quite bad hair loss whilst doing CD. My hairdresser wouldn't top up my usual highlights for me whilst it was coming out - she said it was best not to 'stress' it any more......although part of me thinks she was scared just in case it did come out in clumps/leave bald patches and then I would blame her.

My hair loss stopped after 3 months and I continued to have it coloured after that.


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TFR means total food replacement. :)

Cheers for that Lil k think i'll just get it cut off then dye it when it starts thickening out a bit.


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My hair fell out at quite an alarming rate! It started about 2 weeks after I finished and continued like that for about a month- maybe a bit longer. I had my hair cut (and I dyed it) and when I had my hairdressing appointment a couple of days ago, my hairdresser did notice a difference and said that it is starting to thicken up again now. I noticed that it was particularly around the front that it went really thin, but it's all back now. It was pretty scary as I didn't think it would ever stop! But it doesn't last too long.... honest! xx
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from experience i wouldnt dye your hair if its falling out... i felt miserable about my hair coz it was falling out.. i didnt wanna cut it coz im trying to grow it a bit for my wedding.. so decided to dye it to make myself feel a bit better... but unfortunately my hair started falling more :( wait a lil while for your hair to get better... maybe you could take some multi vitamins for your hair. tht shud stop it from falling as much x

Lil K

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I don't know if vitamins will do anything to stop hair from falling out? Different people on the boards have said that its just the shedding of hair that you would have lost day by day if you had not been on a vlcd - it just that its all coming out at the same time.

I just took the thought that 'my hair is gonna do what it's gonna do' and hoped that it would be over and done with asap.

I did take 'Perfectil' for skin hair and nails, so that my body would get what ever it needed to ensure that my hair regrowth would be the best it could possibly be.
my hair stopped falling out about a month ago and is now growing back ok, i stopped tfr on 21st august last year and after a few weeks i noticed more hair falling out into the bath or onto the floor whilst styling etc. i got alot of thinning around the hairline at the front, i can notice it even though others have said they dont see a difference, i have little hairs growing through amongst my longer hair now and i can feel it thickening up. it doesnt last that long aand it will be growing back better than ever before you know it

it is scarey though hun because it makes you feel like it will never stop and that you will end up with no hair !

i just started taking multivitamins as with my gallstone attacks i havent been eating properly at all but my doctor did say that the vitamins wouldnt really make alot of difference but will ensure my body is getting anything that it may be missing. you could try and look for a hair tonic that stimulates growth,i have heard of them but never actually used them before

good luck anyway hun xxxxx


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Mine fell out about a week after coming off TFR and it felt like forever! There was loads of it in the shower and even when I used the hair dryer it used to blow everywhere I didnt touch it with anything no dyes as i thought i dont want it to go worse! I dye my hair about once a month as well so was tough for me not to touch it but after about 2 months its now back to normal thank god. Personally I wouldnt put anything in it im sure your hairdresser will let you know :) xx


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Cheers guys. Im just feeling a bit down at the moment, whenever i get my hair cut and dyed i always feel better but i can cope with just the cut this time!! Thanks again x
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so everybody's hair started falling after they stopped LT? its only my 2nd week and my hairs falling quite a lot. i dont know what to think cos my hair falls a fair bit sometimes anyway. woke up this morning and my pillow was covered in hair :( *scared*
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come to think of it my hair stopped falling out after i went off LT the first time!! ok.. theory on this one then. maybe when your on LT you are getting all the vitamins nutrients etc that you need but when you start eating normal food.. your not necessarily taking in all the vits that you need! maybe when we go off LT we should start taking a vitamin supplement or something or even hair vitamins to make sure that hair doesnt fall out? what do you think? might email LT and find out if you can take hair vitamins whilst on LT because i dont want to be bald on my wedding!

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