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Hair loss..am I going to go BALD?????


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I am looking for some help and advice on hair loss..I seem to be losing mine in great chunks...I have got to the stage now that I try and put off brushing it inbetween washes as I cannot bear to see the amount I am losing in the hairbrush...I am only washing it 2 - 3 times a week and am removing a very large clump from the bath everytime I wash it...so bad it clogs up the plughole and the water can't escape and I end up in water from the shower upto my ankles!!!! I have very thick hair and am not at breaking point yet as it could do with a bit of thinning...but would like to be reassured that this will improve..if not now...after I have completed my CD journey as I need to continue on my journey for at least another 4 - 5 months. Will I be completely bald by then???? Is there any supplements I can take to improve this? I know it is definitely CD related as I never had this noticeable hairloss before. Although I have not got bald patches yet I am concerned I might have shortly......someone come along soon and help me with some useful advice!!!! Thanks for listening.
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I am the same at the moment my CDC said take soem zinc supplements to help but I had it at the begining and it went away and the I had my 12th week 810 week and it came back again it lasted for about 4 weeks last time


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Hi Hun, the hairloss will die down. I had massive clumps, similar to what you are describing, coming out. I found boots "hair and nails" supplements helped a little. After about 3 months of loosing hair it suddenly stopped! My hair has never been in such good condition. Hope this reassures you a little. Hugs x x x


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I've been the same for the last few weeks. I'm taking zinc tablets and silica from the health food shop (about £5 for a month's supply). Have only been taking them for a couple of weeks so too early to tell if they're working yet, but by taking something it stopped me worrying quite so much and that has to be a good/positive thing too. Try not to worry too much. x.


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I am losing hair badly too, I have thin hair already so I am getting bald patches. I have started to take the Boots hair,skin and nail supplement too and hope it starts to help soon. I am sure it will come back when we finish and then we will have skinny bodies with thick and full lush hair lol.


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I had hair thinning when I did Lighterlife in the past, just as described here, with the plug hole getting blocked after a shower/hair wash.
The hairloss stopped as soon as I returned to eating, there were no bald patches and no permanent damage to my hair.

Please do not worry (stress causes the body its own physical problems), speak to your CD counsellor and think about purchasing one of the supplements that the girls here have recommended.

This time round on CD I haven't yet thankfully had the hairloss, although I did get my haircut much shorter (something I'd wanted anyway) and I have made the decision not to colour my hair during my CD journey - not suggesting at all that this has any kind of harmful effect, but I have becomw familiar over the years with whats best for my own hair type (fine in texture)

Best wishes x


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S: 22st10lb C: 14st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 8st8lb(37.74%)
Thank you all for your advice...it was greatly received, I just needed to know that I wasn't alone...I had heard about hairloss before on VLCD's but was shocked when it started to happen to me as been on CD for 17 weks now and I have only noticed it really in the last few weeks. My friend said today that everyone loses hair at this time of year and that it is normal even if you are not on CD...she said it was an Autumn thing....I am now beginning to feel a bit like a tree shedding its leaves ready for winter....well I just hope I don't lose all my leaves!!!!!
My hair is pretty thick anyway (it takes my Hairdresser half a day to highlight it as it takes about 3 hours to get all the foils in and it takes a good hour or so to blowdry completely....and when perms were in I was at the hairdressers for most of the day and always ended up with hundreds of rollers in, so may be this is a blessing in disguise!!!!
Thanks again,
Oh no I am really worried now. My hair is extremely thin anyway i think due to a massive amount of stress this year. I can not afford to loose further hair:cry:

Has anyone on SS not lost loads of hair?


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Do you ladies think taking supplements early will prevent the hair loss? :hmm:

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