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Hair loss and bruising easily

I have been reading a lot on here recently about people on TS suffering from hair loss/bald patches. I have two bald patches myself, just above my temples, which have developed in the last week or so :cry:

My question is, how come if Exante is meant to be 100% nutritionally complete is everyone's hair falling out???? :confused: Is it more of the calorie deficit? Anyway I have bought some hair, skin & nail tablets so hoping that will help. I havent got far to go now anyway and am doing a TS/WS combo now my BMI is <25 :eek:

Secondly, I have noticed I have started to bruise REALLY easily. Yesterday I knelt on the wooden floor for about 20 seconds. This morning I have two HUGE purple bruises on my knees. I have also noticed other little bruises all over but these are so obvious. It is interesting because last time I lost a lot of weight very quickly the same thing happened!! To such an extent that when I went to hospital for something (unrelated) the doctor took me into a side room and asked if I was being beaten up by my boyfriend!!!! :eek::eek:

Anyone else experienced the bruising thing? And what on earth could be causing it???
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I can haz cake?
its the calorie deficit. body uses the minimal calories it has for vital functions and hair growth is unfortunately not one of those. Thats why its advised that you do an AAMW on week 5. but the hair will grow back once a normal calorie diet is adopted
you shouldn't need any more vitamins, infact supplements are not safe in excess because they force your body to take them. Exante is already in excess of 100% so its a very bad idea to take extra
Oh!!!! Ok I will stop taking them then.... eek!! I think quite a few people are taking hair, skin & nail supplements!!!!
I am one of those that is suffering the hair loss, quite drastically to. Enough to make me really question this diet, but I am stupidly addicted to the ease of it and the results. I also take supplements and will not stop taking them for it. Even if its psychological. Omega 3 is meant to help to in regards to hair and I may just take one of them one a day instead of other bits, to see if that helps.

A lack of vitamin K can be a factor which causes us to bruise easily on this diet, I am not sure how much Vit K exante products have, if any. I would check but the laptop I am on is a bit old and tired and firing up the pdf from the exante site may make it grumpy! I wish they had the info easily accessible rather then having to hunt.
Hair loss and bruising would worry me! I am not surprised that you are concerned but I have read of this happening many times over the years.

The bruising in particular would concern me. Perhaps add a meal week should be a bit more generous on the food side?
That has to be an extremely high dose. You are right some vitamins in higher doses are dangerous, others we just urinate the extra out. When choosing a hair, nail, skin supplement its always important to read the "ingredients" I have to feel like I am doing something as my head of hair is now so thin, bare and straggly that I look almost ill, My Dr has asked for me to take in the list of ingredients in exante to see if he can help me out with it. As for Vit K, I am not sure (as I don't have their list with me at the moment and can't look as my laptop will whinge..lol )if there is any in exante, as a lack of that can cause bruising.
Hair loss and bruising would worry me! I am not surprised that you are concerned but I have read of this happening many times over the years.

The bruising in particular would concern me. Perhaps add a meal week should be a bit more generous on the food side?
I am not sure if its the quantity of food, I think its the lack of all food groups. I am one of those that has to weigh up losing weight the ketosis way or just going the VLC way but eating a meal of all food groups.

You don't have to be in ketosis to lose weight on a vlcd, its a "bonus" to help with hunger etc.... I am that unlucky that ketosis does not cure hunger for me, I don't suffer "head hunger" or "emotional hunger" I feel full on hunger being in ketosis or not. So I have been pondering on 2 packs and a balanced meal a day.

Hahaha...so I am bald, with smelly breath ( as in KT) and always starving...attractive :D
SR its 3 packs and a meal :) xx
I wouldn't do it like that if I do adapt the plan, I would kinda do an extended re-feed with 2 packs and a balanced meal of all groups ( as my once perfectly healthy teeth are hurting sometimes to?!), with an extra supplement if needed as I won't be in KT so emphasis would be on low cal side of it. I will though be doing it this way with the help /advice of my Dr (who has been brilliant)...I'm to chicken not to hahaha! xx

I'm falling apart :( lol

Sorry to hijack op xx
As Divster said you should be taking 3 packs plus food not 2. The fact you're thinking if adding food because of the problems you're having you could end up with even more problems if you cut back on packs
I think we cross posted.. :eek: The "danger" would be lack of a 1/3 of vits/minerals which I would make sure are covered, I would not go into it blindly I promise, it will be with the help of my Dr.


Even with all this, I am so reluctant to change as I keep thinking and reading that things do go back to normal..which is what is keeping me going. I do know one thing though, I will never let myself get into this state that I have to do such a hardcore diet again! Its finally taught me a lesson I have needed for a very long time! xx
Week One ~ 3 meal replacements* + 1 meal
Week Two ~ 2 meal replacements* + 2 meals
Week Three ~ 2 meal replacements* + 2 meals
Week Four ~ 1 meal replacement* + 3 meals
Thats why I said "kinda" like a re-feed what I would be missing in a 3rd pack would be addressed with the help of my GP. I use to eat a LOT worse and would of been amazed if I got even 1/3 of vits unless chocolate and crisps have them in abundantly ;) But I am undecided as yet as my scales are flying downwards!
Hi, I did Lipotrim in 2008 for 12 weeks & a couple of months after coming off it I started to get hair loss, it didnt come out in clupms or anything. It was very similar to when you've have a baby and you lose some hair after giving birth. Anyway it all grew back to normal, if it hadn't I certainly wouldn't be doing this again! x
Im just doing 2 replacement meals and then a lovely healthy tea. My Gp has supported this too and I know Im getting a better balanced meal into my system than I did before. Crisps for dinner and biscuits for brekki didnt have a great deal of goodness in. My hair is good, my bowels ok, my energy levels high, my BP great and my skin a good colour. Im pretty confident that Im getting what I need and it fits in with my lifestyle better that b4.

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