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hair loss and water!!!


Back on the diet train...
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ok so i no these av been answered b4 but i was wunderin how much water ppl drink an if the more u do drink is better loss wise??? :confused:

also ive noticed that im losin more hair than usual. i did last time on this but only lasted 3 wks an it did thicken up but im hopein 2 stay on this longer an i dnt want it all 2 fall out!!! :eek:

luckily i av thickish hair anyway. ;)
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I drink 3-4 litres a day - seems to be working - and it makes me feel fuller and I'm less likely to get a headache if I keep up my water intake.

As for hair loss - haven't experienced that yet - I hope it doesn't happen to me otherwise there will be pink hair everywhere! x


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i drink 4 litres a day, dont think i could manage more lol. As for my hair im now on week 6 and have had no problems at all with my hair falling out so far (touch wood lol) hopefully it stays this way...... however if it does start to come out im not to fussed , its a small price to pay for becoming slim and it will grow back :D , i am sure you will be fine bex and as you say luckily you have thickish hair so it might not be so bad oh and im sure it wont all fall out hehe ;) xx


Here we go again!
I'm on about 3lts a day and finding that about right. I don't have any hair loss whilst on LT. I did lose hair after finishing last time. I actually lost quite a bit each time it was washed. It lasted for about 3 months but luckily I have quite thick hair and it wasn't noticed at all but I did take a vitamin supplement for hair and nails just before I finished. Don't go panicking about it though cost it doesn't happen to everybody but best to be prepared just in case.


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hi. im on week 5 and no hair loss to date but ill be keeping an eye out..i found it was afterwards i lost hair when the body is going back to normal. :) i drink 4 1/2 ltrs a day which ive upped from 4lts and this is just right for me. i also drink a couple of cups of tea a day. i find it i dont drink this amount i actually get a dry mouth!

h x


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I'm on 3 ltrs plus a bit here and there of water
1st shake - made with 400ml water
2 other shakes made with 630ml water.
Couple of coffees per day.

I lost masses of hair when I finished last time - but I failed re-feed miserably so here I am, back again! (didn't loose any whilst on TFR)

The hair stopped falling out after about 6 wks i think.
As far as I remember, hair falls out because your body keeps all the nutrition it needs, and does'nt give it to unnecessary things - like growing hair - so it doesn't shed it either, it just keeps hold of it ! then when 'real' food returns, its like a sigh of relief for your body and 'lets go' of the extra hair, and starts to grow new - so its new hair that you see all the sprouty bits on your head, NOT broken hair.

I was really worried, but my hair all came back, and maybe even a bit thicker - which was good for me !

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