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Hair Loss Crisis!!

Hi not sure if this will work as i've only just become a member, been through the foundation prog of ll and didnt know about all these forums etc!! i'm now into week 3 of development but i'm loosing loads and loads of hair! worried i might be bald by the time i reach goal! has anyone got some hair saving tips!!
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Hi I haven't got any tips I'm afraid. But I lost weight through CD and once I started reintroducing conventional food I also lost hair. It only lasted a couple of weeks but was quite scary at the time:eek: Although I noticed, noone else seemed to and after about 2 weeks it stopped.

I've read lots of posts on this and it seems to be quite common, but I don't know of anyone who's actually gone bald!

How long have you been losing more hair? I'm sure it will settle down soon.

Congratulations on your weight loss:D:D:D


Deb G

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I'm in LL Developers (in week 19 at present) and I had a load of hair come out last week, but its stopped again now! It'll also come out again when we start eating in RTM. I have no idea how to hang on to it, but its nothing that you wouldn't have lost anyway - its only what should have naturally come out over the past 19 odd weeks.

The hair loss thing is perfectly 'normal' and your hair will stop falling out once you start to eat again, i went thru exactly the same thing, my hair has never been lucious and thick,
it started to thin around the 4th month, vitamin B12 is a good suppliment to take,
nothing actually stops it, it happens with any diet, not just CD,
this happened to me too-funnily enough not while I was on CD but when I went back to eating normallty (translate crappily) and was pretty scarey as I have very long hair and I was noticeably malting A LOT for about a month. But then, it stopped, my mane looked the same (no visible bald or thin patches)

SOOO... it should pass- there are suppliments you can take which this time, I would defintely try, as despite reassurance it just ain't great to see handfuls of hair coming out!!

Losing hair suggests a drop in progesterone levels. Unfortunately, I have no idea how you can naturally raise your progesterone levels, apart from using a topical progesterone cream e.g. Serenity. Nige x


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I would try an Evening Primrose Oil supplement...balances hormones, prevents PMT and breast tenderness (for the ladies lol), clears the skin and makes hair soft and glossy.

But keep your chin up...the hair loss does pass and it's worth the finishing result.

Love Boo x


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Here is the official bit from Cambridge:

Hair loss, with generalised thinning of the hair, is usually linked to emotional stress, severe illness, malnutrition, hypothyroidism, hormones, and (for a few people) extensive weight loss over a sustained period of time whatever the method of weight loss used. So, it is due to physiological response to the actual weight loss process rather than the Diet.

Hair does re-grow, usually thicker and glossier than before. It is the 'lesser of the evils' and you end up with the best of both worlds - a healthy weight and a good head of hair.


Mustajoki & Pekkarinen in 'Very Low Energy Diets' found that "hair loss occurs in about 10% of patients using VLCD for a long period. It develops slowly and becomes manifest usually after the diet period. Hair loss is diffuse and not complete. It may cause cosmetic problems and patients find it annoying but otherwise it is harmless and temporary. Hair starts to grow again after a few months"

(The international Association for the Study of Obesity. Obesity Reviews 2. 61-72. 2001)

Hope you find this useful x


Deb G

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S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
I'm in Week 6 of RTM now and am still losing some hair, but it has slowed right down. You can't actually tell on my head, just in the bath after I've washed my hair!


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Hey, I was on lipotrim and have had about a month break. Have restarted now, but have been noticing in that month that my hair has been falling out. That info has made me feel a lot better. Esp if its gonna grow back :) Phew!!

My mum and fiance noticed so its not just me!! But i guess its cos i usually have a very thick head of hair! Woo... roll on re-growth!

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