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Hair loss & getting married in August


Team 1 all the way!
Hi all, have 1stone left to go til I get to my target. I have started moving up the plans about 4 wks ago now, and have had a week completely off plan for hen party & holiday.
In the last 2 wks, my hair has begun falling out. To the point where my carpet resembles a wig.
We are getting married on Aug 4th, and I am TERRIFIED that I will be bald and need a wig on my wedding day/dream holiday to Florida. I have searched threads on here, and have just bought some Nourkrin off ebay.
Can anyone reassure me? I used to have such thick hair, and now I just have to run my fingers through it, and out it comes.
It sounds funny, but I am absolutely devestated and so scared I will be bald for my wedding day. Help! :wave_cry:
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oh honey i understand why your worrying and scared
maybe speaking to CDC might help or your GP
sorry honey xx


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Hi there. I had exactly the same scenario last year, the main reason I stopped the diet. If I ran my hands through my hair, it came out in clumps, my bed was covered in hair, when I washed it the sheer amount that came out was enough to make me cry. For 2 weeks in a row I mentioned it to my CDC at WI who brushed it off (and didnt answer texts/calls about it!), then I took my son to the hairdressers and asked her to quickly have a look through my hair. She'd been doing my hair for 2 years at that point so knew my hair quite well. When she put her hands over her mouth and then started to cry I knew it wasnt just my imagination. I lost a significant amount of hair from the right side of my head...no huge bald spots but several areas that were as good as bald.
It's only now, 7 months on that I have fair regrowth. The trouble is, it sticks up at all angles and is annoying as hell. Also, it's very fine 'downy' type hair. I ummed and ahhhed for ages abot restarting the diet, but realised that my hair loss didn't kick in until around the 10 week stage, so decided to do CD for a month, just to give me a kick start.

I think my case was pretty extreme but I definitely suggest visiting your hairdresser if you have a particular one so that he or she can properly assess the situation, and discuss things with your CDC. I came off the diet because getting slim to me was about looking and feeling good. Suffering from such hair loss, didnt make me feel good and it was noticeable to others which made me feel that I didnt look good either.


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Hey hon ...
Well done you, you have done so well and you are so close to target you must be so proud of yourself..
I am almost 100% certain you will not be bald for your wedding day as if there are not other posts regarding this with all the people on this forum I am sure someone would have shouted out if they had gone bald.. I have read numerous posts of people losing some hair but nothing that drastic.. Speak to your cdc or your doctor and explain and they maybe something they may suggest to take..
Wow your big day is just round the corner I bet you are really excited for it and for your honeymoon too..
Your doing fab and just have a chat with either cdc or doc and I am sure they will advise..


Team 1 all the way!
Thanks ladies. I have become less hysterical today as got my friend to check through and there are no patches, and it's only me that can tell it's thinner than it was. I am going to CDC tomorrow so will discuss it with her, and am waiting for the tablets I have bought so I can start taking them too.
The stress of this has made me completely binge- wasn't hard to do after being off plan for holiday and hen do, so will wait and see what damage I've done tomorrow!


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hello cateyes i have just realised your in bedfordshire where abouts i am in sunny bedford

stress makes my hair fall out
you have done so well weight loss wise it great to see your journey well done now enjoy the rest of you wedding planning xx


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Hi Kerry, I'm in Leighton Buzzard. Thanks for the well dones. I had a long chat with CDC last night, who reassured me I wouldn't go bald. Lol. Am in bed with stomach cramps and sickness/runs etc, so didn't go to weigh. Off work today, so having a day in bed/toilet!


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hope you feel better soon xx


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Hi. Last year when I did CD I lost loads of hair. Nothing as extreme as your case, but it came out in handfuls when I washed it. My hairdresses mentioned it to me first and said, hey you have got loads of new hair growing. This time around I have not lost any hair. In fact I think you may lose some bulk of hair, but mine actually grows in length when I am on this diet.

Don't worry though I am sure you will be ok. Why not come off the diet a few weeks before (go up the plans so you are adding food) and your hair will start to grow back.

Julie Williams

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Hi there I know exactly where your coming from!!! I lost weight on cd for my wedding in 2006 and about 2 months before the wedding the hair loss started, and continued right up until the wedding and beyond I didnt go bald thankfully and although I had to have a different hairstyle on my big day it still looked great and im sure yours will too. Also I went to Florida on my honeymoon and that was fab too. If i remember rightly my cdc told me at the time that while on the diet your body only does what it has to do and shedding hair on a daily basis is a normal thing that doesnt happen, therefore when you start introducing food your body can go into overdrive in some aspects and thats what it was but when it does grow back it should be thicker and more luscious than before. Mine did grow back but not for a while and I must be crazy because here I am on the same journey again!!!!!!
Good luck and have a lovely wedding day and honeymoon.xxx


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I had this problem when I'd been on cd for about 8 weeks. It came out in the brush, loads in the bath, the bed..... It was ridiculous! I've got loads & loads of hair & it is long..... To the crack of my bum.... lol
Anyway, I have taken Nourkrin since last year for this & have definately noticed a difference.... I've been lucky as I have so much no one could tell, but all around the front of my hairline & the nape of my neck was spiky! As soon as I started taking the nourkrin my hair loss slowed right down. Within a couple of weeks it had stopped.
I ran out & forgot to order some, so went for a few days without. As soon as I stopped my hair started coming out again.... So I quickly got my order in!

I doubt very very much you will go bald.

There is also a shampoo bar that Lush do that is supposed to be good & is cheap... xx


Team 1 all the way!
ZoBo, I've started taking my Nourkrin, and am praying it will stop. It's not as bad as I made out inmy first post- seems to be pretty much the same as everyone else. When I wake up in the morning, and brush my hair, a fair bit comes out. Same when I wash my hair, and during the day, I often notice some bits hanging lower than my hairline so pull them off.
I wouldn't be so worried if I wasn't getting married. No one else at all has noticed, just me. And other half has noticed the hair in the shower, but thats all. Hopefully Nourkrin will stop it! Just want to have lovely hair for the wedding that's all!

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