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Hair loss - I'm really getting worried

My hair loss is getting worse and worse. It is coming out from the root, so I know it's not that my hair is breaking. I'm really worried. I've still got so much weight to lose, and I can only do this through CD, but the thought of losing my hair really scares me. My hair is so fine, I can't afford to lose it! I'm going to get it cut this week, so that it is short again, it's just touching my shoulders at the moment, so not that long at all, but I really wanted to grow it....

I lose so much hair when I wash it, and I'm only washing it when I really have to (minger!) as I hate seeing my hair come out.

I've no idea what I expect any of you to do, I'm just really upset.
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When you have it cut Ruth you may find it looks a little thicker.

I don't know what to suggest. I am also losing loads of hair but my hair is so long and thick it hasn't really made much of an impact - except on the bath plug hole which I am always having to unblock at the moment!

Could you ask your hairdresser about some volumising treatments?
Honey, that really doesn't sound good. If i was you i would actually phone or go in to your doctors and ask them what they would recommend. This diet isn't worth doing if it means you losing your hair, theres other diets out there that you will have to have a second look at because of this. I really hope things are ok!


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Someone on here recommended nourikin, which is a tablet you take to help halt hair loss (from boots). This happened to me... first the hair began to break off, then come out at root, and I did panic that I would end up with bald patches. I took a course of nourikin & it seems to have helped. My hair is still not back to where it was, but the loss has halted, and my self-esteem has recovered!

I think it does happen to some of us on CD and can take a while to right itself. I do think it has still been worth it, for me... although I was very upset & distressed about the hair, I don't think it was as obvious to anyone else.

I hope you find something that helps hon.

Hi Ruth, its not happened to me but I have noticed that my hair is not in the same condition, its a bit lank (if thats the right word) and I now use John Frieda products and it has definately thickened my hair as like you my hair is very fine. I use a spray (Root Booster) and the hair mouse. It's definately improved the look of my hair. You could give that a try. Be a shame to give up now x
I have a bald patch thats developed recently, and i agree it is a worry.

It's not coming out in clumps or anything.

I am starting to take a multi vitamin and some evening primrose as I am obviously missing out on somthing with CD.

I am hoping this will help.
Now don't quote me on this, but my cdc suggested that rapid weight loss can have impact on hormone levels, which is why many of us discover our totm returns after not having had them for ages. She said hair growth can also be affected due to the rapid loss.

Not sure how relevent this is, but after pregnancy and after surgery i lost loads of hair, just running hands through it would bring out clumps. Having thin hair anyway, i started to panic and on one occassion did go to gp. He said that this is just the way some peoples body responds to trauma ( and i suppose the rapid loss and low calorie diet may be percieved as trauma by our bodies). The hair was not falling out as such, it would be replenished, but it was just coming out of my head before the end of its usual cycle. It did settle down in both occassions but did freak me out in the process.

Best to check with GP if not happy. All the best xx
Hi Ruth
Had the hair loss when I did lighter life a while back, I decided to have my hair cut short which really helped it look thicker. It grew back quickly in thickness and in length, so while it was upsetting I decided it was worth it. And I got lots of compliments on my new style - no-one knew why!


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I go with butterfly on this. monitor it and ask your hairdresser to do the same. Boots do a special shampoo for ladies loseing their hair. it helps a bit, but trust me CD is worth it.
Thanks all. Got appointment at 9.30 on thursday morning, and will be getting it chopped again....... cry cry cry

I take fertility supplements at the moment, but I will have a look at the ones that have been mentioned here. Thanks all!


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Ruth, I disagree with chopping your hair hun. While you hair is longer you have lots more of it. So easier to hide any thinning bits no?

When I did my cdc training last week the Medical Officer was discussing Silica supplements for hair loss. A couple of people said it had helped them and their clients. Worth looking into?
This is worrying me I gotta admit. Shedding is one thing, but bald patches and hair coming out from the root. Eek!

Is there anyone who hasn't been affected by this?

This is coming up to my 3rd week but on Saturday my CDC told me to start taking multivitamin tablets- one a day. Not because of hair loss- she just told me to start taking them.

Hoping that this will stave off any potential hair loss. I am going to ask my CDC about this.



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Is there anyone who hasn't been affected by this?

This is coming up to my 3rd week but on Saturday my CDC told me to start taking multivitamin tablets- one a day. Not because of hair loss- she just told me to start taking them.

There is absolutely NO reason why you should take a multivitamin while doing CD. It has everything you could possibly need for general health already in there. Besides you could overdose yourself on certain vitamins by doing this. If I was you I would stop.

I haven't had any hair loss either btw! :)
I'm also wondering if it's down to stress? Got fertility problems, which have stressed me a lot recently and I'm trying to set up a new business, which is also very stressful. We're also about to embark on major house works and have got lots of family problems too.....

I've never lost this much hair before though!
I have never heard of a person overdosing on vitamins........

I thought that the body only absorbed what it needed.

Taking extra may then be pointless while on CD as opposed to there being risks involved?
From what i've been led to believe and researched Vitamins A,D,E and K are the main vitamins of concern in overdose as any excess will build up and is not readily excreted thus can have damaging consquences. Studies just this last few weeks also suggested concern with regard to omega 3 supplements in overdose.
CD is a 'nutritionally complete food supplement', you do not, and should not need to take any extra supplements in addition to your packs. The cdc that told you this is giving potentially dangerous advice and needs correcting asap! xx


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Thanks Butterfly, I couldn't remember what vitamins build up to dangerous levels and didn't have time to look it up earlier when I posted that. x
Got appointment tomorrow morning, will speak to my hairdresser and see what she thinks I should do.....
Hairdresser said she can't see any patches, ad that it's probably due to stress, although I didn't tell her about CD.... Had hair cut, not too short, as I'm trying to grow it.

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