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Hair loss - is it common?


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Hair loss is fairly common after about 3 months on the diet.
So for you, it almost certainly won't happen as you only have a couple of stone to lose you'll be done and dusted within 2 months.

In my clients who have completed long term SS about 70% of them experienced some hair loss. The good news is that grows back, once you finish the diet and it's not like it falls out in chunks, it just thins a bit all over.



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Well mine hasn't really scared me till the 5th month into SS. I have had moments of sheer panic in the shower BUT two things have helped. A) Better products. Up your shampoo, your conditioner and your treatment a notch, go for the slightly more expensive ones and it is likely yo stay and B) when you have your 810 weeks of break before returning to SS the hair loss will stop and it will take a while to come back in full force.

All in all really? Are you sure you couldn't put up with it? Me I'd rather be completely bold but skinny than with a full head of hair but still carrying the 120 pounds I lost.
I thought I was going mad when I noticed it, reminded me of what happened after I had baby, nothing drastic not falling out in clumps or anyhting but noticable ,will need to get some better quality products and see if that helps


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I noticed it too and panicked. Are we able to take a supplement that you can buy in Tesco's/ Boots etc for Hairs Nails & Skin? I am tempted, please help - thank you


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Thank you for quick reply. I noticed last time I was SSing the hair came out more. My hair is not as thick as it use to be but I have had a shorter style to combat the changes. I will also start taking the supplement to help.
cheers :D


Enjoyin' my journey....
Thanks all for the replies - much appreciated. Will keep an eye on it and up my products. Any advice on supplements (& whether they can be taken on SS+) would be appreciated.
I started taking the Tesco supplement 6 weeks into SS+ - mainly because they had it on 3 for 2 and I couldn't see any difference other than a massive amount of money between its ingredients and the 'market leader'. My CDC wasn't overly concerned. I've not noticed loss as yet and am 14 weeks in and now on 810. I guess it may come but I started taking the supplement to minimise the impact if it did happen.
my hair has only just got back to normal after having my son 2 years ago!! i know losing weight is much more important than losing a few hairs but i hated it, not just because my hair got thinner but cos hair was EVERYWHERE!!! and tahts one of my pet hates so its gna be hard for it to start all over again!


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Starting CD today, just trying to get an idea of how common hair loss is. I can cope with most things, hunger, headaches, etc, but not sure I could deal with hair loss. Grateful if you could share your stories with me.
Hi Tracey :)

Been round the block 3 times with CD and never experienced any hair loss and I would have noticed as mine is quite thin anyway,

Isis :)


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Just to echo ISIS, This is my second time on CD, and I have never had any hair loss problems, in my case the opposite - my hair and nails are both stronger on SS

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