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Can anyone help. Since coming off cd about 3 weeks ago my hair is falling out big time. I have been healthy eating since i stopped but i'm getting worried at the amount of hair i'm losing. Its all very well being thinner but i don't want to be bald!!!
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when you go on a vlcd your hair stops growing to conserve energy. when you eat more calories new hair starts to grow but it pushes out the hair that was 'waiting' while you lost weight. so you still have the same amount of hair. it's just really really short :)

hope that helps?

abz xx


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Happened to me last year. Did CD for 3 months and started losing loads when I started eating again. Nobody but me noticed and it stopped after about a month. Was very thin in places but as Abz said it was there just very short. Hope this helps.xx
Oh dear i'm a bit worried now as my hair is quite long!!!:(
well you have to make little sacrifices here and there to lose the weight in super quick time. Whether its a good trade off or not, its entirely up to each individual.


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i'm growing mine for my wedding next summer. i have thick hair so i'm hoping that it won't be too noticable if it happens to me. and apparently it doesn't take too long to start looking really thick again as the new hair plumps up the existing hair if that makes sense?

abz xx


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you saying about not loosing hair whilst on this is true...i usually loose loads and notice it coz i wash it every day.....it feels really thick at the mo.....when should i expect it to start dropping out then??


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Mine has just started falling out over the last 2 weeks but really badly.
I'm slightly worried as had no problems up until now.
It's already feeling alot thinner. I'm going to mention it to my cdc today and see what she says.
It might just be my body's way of saying after this long it's needing some food. I'm prepared to possibly move up a plan if this will hep at all.
i'm worried too - i've always had quite bad hair loss but this is just ridiculous. I've had to buy a dust buster to hoover around after me!! By the amount thats falling out i don't know why i'm not bald and mine only started to get really bad when i came off CD. Nobody ever mentioned this to me at the start of the diet. My sister was CD'ing with me and she is exactly the same since she stopped. Where are all the CDC's please?? Can you give us some advice???
Losing hair fast - really worried!!!!



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Hi not a cdc but have done the diet got the badge ect

My hair started to really fall out at the end of my diet and has got really thin .
your body stops the hair growing/ shedding proccess while on a diet (depending on how many cals you are on but its not unheard of for long term dieters on any diet plan ) My hair is growing back and I can see this new growth coming through(never went bald just very thin ) .I have also found the condition of my hair is in need of some attention but after a few days of tlc this is almost back to normal .So over all dont panic to much yes you are likley to loose what seems like a lot of hair all at once but this is just hair that you should of lost while on your diet but held on to ,and it will grow back but it will seem a slow process .
Overall still worth doing the diet ,the side effects like hair loss are short term the benifit to your health and sex life are for a lot longer xxx
The same thing happens to some women after pregnancy, whilst you are pregnant nutrients are going to your baby so therefore your hair looks thick and healthy.

Once you have the baby you lose hair. It doesn't take long for lost hair to grow back, if your lucky it hardly notices. I really freaked out when I saw how much hair I lost after having my children, no-one else noticed:)
yes i did lose hair after pregnancy but nothing like this and i stopped CD a few weeks ago and its been falling out since with no signs of it lessening!


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The Cambridge manual (and in my experience as a CDC) major hair loss is a side effect that it not usual in most clients. However the manual says ... it can happen to some people who have
extensive weight loss over a sustained period of time whatever the weight loss used ....
Regrowth is usually underneath and as Abz says it doesn't take long and plumps up the existing hair.

Hope that is of some help - will see if I can find anything else.

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