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Hair Loss whilst SS?

I've been SS for 2 weeks now (2nd WI tonight!) and for about a week i've been having pretty heavy hair loss. My CDC warned me that it may happen but said it would just be a few more strands in my hairbrush but it's ridiculous! When I was my hair it's all over my hands and it fills the brush every morning.

Is this normal or am I worrying too much?

I'm going to ask my CDC tonight but she tends to just put everything down to the fact I had a baby 5 months ago. I only lost 3lbs last week and she said it was because of having a baby (actually it was totm), told her the first few days were rough and again it was because of the baby (although it was more likely to be carb withdrawal). I know that you can have hairloss right after having a baby and I did for the first months but since then nothing since starting CD and it was never this bad!
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Your CDC is probably right about the postpartum hair loss. Check out: Hair Loss following the birth of a baby / Pregnancy information from midwivesonline.com

During pregnancy there is a rise in hormones and because of this the hair that normally falls out is kept. Following delivery the hormones gradually return to normal and the extra hair starts to fall out and the cycle returns to normal. This hair loss is temporary and by six or twelve months the hair has usually returned to normal.

So a combination of SS and the natural hair loss after baby would explain it. Still, it's really unnerving, isn't it? Hang in there...



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it seems like you lose more than you do... i've had a worrying month where all my hair seemed to be falling out whenever i touched it. i would wake up in the morning with loose hair all over the place, when i washed it it floated around the bath... but it has eased off now and i still have plenty left. i also know that for about six months after having her baby, my best mate thought all hers was falling out because of all the new hair she grew when she was preggers. so it could be a combination of the two. try not to worry yourself too much hon.

abz xx

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