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Hair Loss Worry

In my experience hair grows back better than before, but if you are worried then I would chat to your CDC and get her advice


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Losing hair is natural and totally par for the course on a VLCD. I've been losing loads of hair since the beginning, but then again I had really thick hair so it's not too noticeable. I've been reassured that it will all grow back once I'm on a bit more food. And it's just a case of balancing up what you're willing to go through to get to your target weight. xx


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Hiya love,
Im reallu worried about hairloss too as i have really fine hair and I dread to think what it will look like if it starts falling out. I have to say though i never really noticed it so far and never even looked for any falling out until I read on here that it can happen. Now im paranoid all the time I brush or wash my hair even though little bits always came out anyways. Try not to worry about it because I think the worry is also something that adds to the problem xxx


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This is something that is worrying me too. The only bit of me I like ATM is my hair, so the thought of loosing it is horrifying!
I'm only (just) into my 2nd week, & I'm going to try taking herbal supplement for healthy hair. Not sure if it'll help, but surely it can't to any harm.
I keep telling myself that a 'little' hair loss is a small thing compared to being slim & health. Hopefully it will sink in.
If I do loose too much, well I've always fancied a very short crop.


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Hi WP - don't worry too much - there are plenty of people that this doesn't happen to as well.


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I've just started week 7 and it hasn't happened to me so far. Fingers crossed for everyone!


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I had a chat with the lady in the Apothecary in town today. She recommended a good multivitamin and horsetail (for the silica).
I know the shakes ect give the recommended RDA, but she said they were the minimum recommended amounts, and topping up could only be good for me.

I'm just worried in case I come out of ketosis while taking the supplements.:confused:

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