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Hair Loss worry !!!

Hellie Eds

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Just wondered if anyone else has suffered from hair loss on LT. I am sure at some point I have read it is a possibility and my hair seems to be constantly coming out. My OH said he has noticed it more recently, When i dry my hair there seems a lot and when I wash it too quite a bit in my hands.

I think I have always been someone who losses hair, but the rate and frequency is starting to worry me.:eek: xx
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Hi, last year i did lipotrim for 12 weeks & lost 4 stone, my hair never fell out during lipotrim but about a month after refeeding it fell out. Having naturally fine hair anyway it was a worry as it did fall out very rapidly (& a lot of it)! But it has all gradually grown back now to a very healthy head of hair so dont worry. I'm sure everybody is different & it may not happen to a lot of people but if it does it will grow back. I believe it's similar to when women experience hair loss after having a baby as your body just wont waste its energy on growing new hair when on such little calories. Hope this helps.


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mine did about 2 months after i stopped... grown bk fully now but im back on it again! it just gets finer really nothing to worry about well i hope not anyway


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Mines falling out the past month (3 months after LT)

theres alot when im drying and straightening my hair but dont really see on my head where its coming from, doesnt appear to be any bald patches or anything xxxx


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Hay iv got thick hair and while i was on lt the sides of my hair thinened out so basicly you could see my scalp iv stopped lt for a bit start back 2 morrow and my hair has grown back on my sides but its still not back to normal yet x

Hellie Eds

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S: 14st13lb C: 10st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 4st2lb(27.75%)
Hi thanks for all your replies that reasures me.

Chelly thats how mine is it comes out when I dry it and straighten it loads, but no bald patches.

I do have fine hair anyway like you have said pinkiepie,its just I have started to notice it on my pillow in the shower etc.etc.

I do believe my hair thinned out when I had my little boy so maybe as you say all people are different maybe I am just prone to it. xxx


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I think it usually happens once you go back to food as the process is that your body holds onto everything while on a very low calorie diet, then when you start eating normal foods again, the gets rid of the old hair which would usually have fallen out at normal times.

I haven't read of anything too drastic with hair loss from anyone, but you will lose some hair. I have been maintaining for 3 months now and over the last month I have started to lose a bit more when washing, brushing etc, but its not noticeable.

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