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Hair Loss!


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Hi Everyone,
I did this diet about 3 months ago, however for about the past month I have had a lot of hair loss and it shows no sign of stopping. My hair is very thin now. I don't know if any one else has experienced this? I loved the weight loss, however I am not as keen on the hair loss! x
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Unfortunately, another side effect of LT...I have had quite a bit of hair loss, but I have an underactive thyroid, and hair loss is also a side effect of that.

It is a bit worrying, but it isnt so bad now, 11 weeks on...so maybe it is just at the beginning it is worse.

Maybe some others will be able to report on how they have got on.


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My hair usually falls alot so I dont think I will notice it but if it becomes more then the usual I will keep you informed. It is weird that you did not have the hair loss while doing it as you said it has been this way for the past month. Are you sure it is not anything else? Maybe change in shampoo, conditioner, diet or maybe stress, medication? There can be number of things that cause this. Have you had your iron levels checked? That is the main cause of hairloss. I hope it improves for you.
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When I did LighterLife my hair started to fall out a couple of weeks after finishing the diet. They actually explain it quite well - basically, while you're on TFR some unnecessary body functions stop, as your body is protecting itself/conserving energy - such as the cycle of hair loss & regrowth. So during the diet, none of the normal hair loss you would have experienced has happened (neither has the regrowth) which is why you start to lose your hair at the end of the diet, once your body is returning to normal.

I found it incredibly distressing, but it does come back! Mine took about six months to stop falling out.



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I stopped lipotrim about 13 weeks ago. For about the last 6-7 weeks I've had horrendous hair loss but it's slowed down now.

It was the same after each of my pregnancies. The hair does come back but it takes a while.
mine started coming out when i stopped LT aswell but its one of those things we have to put up with if we want to do this diet!


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Yep mine fell out too! I have done LT twice before and it started falling out within a week or two of stopping each time. I know it lasted several weeks and I too was feeling thin before it stopped. So hang in there. It is that when you do LT your hair stops growing and when you start eating again it starts again and you lose all the old ones in a short space of time. (or something like that!).

Hope it stops soon!


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Hi, I have been on maintenance for a few weeks because I had quite a few family and work events to get through and my hair has been falling out in lumps. Starting to look quite thin in places especially at my forhead. I didn't realise it did this when you stop the diet!! Going back on TFR tomorrow so hopefully will stop losing so much hair and back to losing more weight instead..


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Since finishing TFR my hair has been coming out too. I notice it mainly when I have brushed my hair and also after a shower. It looks like I lose a lot but my hair doesn't look thin at the moment. I'm taking a hair, nails and skin supplement but it doesn't seem to do any good but I will persevere with it. I did worry about this side effect when finishing LT but I think it's starting to slow a bit now.


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yup, i too am suffering with extreme hair loss. my hair is now sooooo thin - but its worth it for the weight loss :)


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Does it happen to everyone or are there people who have stopped but have not had any hair loss. My hair usually falls out alot so if this happens to me then that is worrying.
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Jesi, I don't think it happens to everyone, no, I think some people are prone to it - just like some people lose hair during pregnancy & others don't. My Mum is taking a supplement to recover from the hairloss she experienced after a stressful few months. I'll ask her what it's called when she gets in, as she actually went to a specialist to have her hair/head assessed & get back to you.

It is definitely a concern, but, worth it I feel, as it will come back & hopefully we'll never have to do this diet again.



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Thanks Hannah that would be great babes.

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