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Hi all,
Just looking for a bit of advice please.

I was on the Cambridge Diet for about 2 months and lost 2 stone,
I have been off of it for 6 weeks as Kids were off of school and trying to have my water and shakes while out doing things with them just wasn't working out..

Anyway I decided that I would come off of it for the 6 weeks and then re-start once they go back to school on Thursday!

Now for the past week my hair has been falling out..

It's when I'm washing it, Brushing or even when I run my fingers through it.
This has never happened to me before and as I have really thin hair anyway I'm slightly worried that I'll be bald soon!!

I've got a doctors appointment soon but I remember reading that you could lose your hair while on this diet and was wondering if anyone had experienced this??

Seems strange that I'd get this symptom after I stopped the diet and not while I was on it. ( thinking Doctor will blame the diet)

Bit worried now also as I don't know what to do with the diet as I still have about 3 stone left to lose and it's all because I'm getting married so I really do want to keep losing the weight but I'm not going to get thin at the risk of losing my hair!

Hope someone will have some advice!
Thanks for reading this.
Kelly x x x
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I think that's how it works. When you are on a VLCD your body stops unnecessary functions such as hair loss in order to preserve energy. You may not have noticed but your hair probably got thicker whilst SS-ing. Now that you've come off the diet these functions have started again and the hair that didn't fall out during CD is falling out now.

That should mean that once the hair loss stops you will have your usual amount of hair - if that makes sense.

I'm not 100% sure this is right, but it is my understanding based on what I've read on here before..
My hair fell out on a previous VLCD a few years ago. Strangely enough the hair loss continued for a couple of weeks after I came off the diet (I had reached goal a couple of days before a holiday and then eat madly in Spain - with no reference to good nutrition).
All I can say is that the hair loss (or possibly it is a case of shedding hair in the same way as a person not on a VLCD but not growing new hair) does stop once you are eating again and there was certainly no permanent bald spots. But it did feel alarming to see hair gathering up in the bath plug - I can only reassure you that everyone I've spoken to gets back to normal.
Hi ya,
I've been eating for 6 weeks and put on about 2lbs in that time so not doing too badly.
I was SS for the 2 months on and off if I'm honest, just seems strange that it's taken what 5 weeks for this to happen!
So if I went back on the diet it should stop happening?
As I'm hoping to go back on it but if I'm going to lose all my hair I'd rather not!!
Thanks again, just reading I'm not alone helps x x x x
Hi there,

Mine started to fall out when I worked up the steps last time, it was a couple of weeks after introducing food. I took supplements from H&Barret.... they have an offer on at the moment on the hair skin and nails formula which I used, I also took selenium and biotin. I was really worried as my other medication which I have been on and off for 20 years also lists this as a side affect, however I had blood tests and wasn't deficient in anything. It will grow back never fear.

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