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hair loss

Hey guys,

This is my second time to do lipotrim, Was on it was 6 wks during the summer, came off if for a couple of wks and am currently in my third wk now.

Anyways this time round ive noticed ive been losing lots of hair, Its ridiculous. When im in the shower & when I brush my hair the clumps and clumps that fall out are massive. even at work Im now starting to notice bits of hair on my desk!!
I never had this last time on Lipotrim. Has anyone any advise? Has anyone every experienced this before? Yesterday was a big day for me, I tried on a bikini for the first time in a very long time and it looked so well I started crying! (im sad I know!!!) I have now got a shape to my body and it felt so good I knew that is was going to be the only motivation I need to keep me going to my goal of 10stone. (im 11 & ½ now) I am not going to let something like losing hair stop me on this diet, it’s a small price to pay in fairness! But wondering if there is any supplements or anything ppl have heard have that might make it stop, thanks everyone L xxx
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I had this but only once i came off LT. I did TFR for 21 weeks then all of a sudden whilst on refeed and maint my hair got so thin i thought i was going bald. Its still very very thin but like you say its a small price to pay.

I am back on LT now and the hair loss has slowed down. I am a bit dubious about losing more once i come off TFR again but it will be worth it ... after all we can always buy wigs?!!! :giggle:

I dont take anything for it although try out some health shops and speak to them, they should be able to help you .. if not im sure someone else will be along soon :) xxx
mine is falling out at a record rate - i have to clean my hairbrush out twice whenever i brush it and yeah the shower is disgusting!!

you and tanya both say - its a small price to pay! i actually have loads of the stuff so its almost a bonus for me! xxx


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I am the queen of losing hair. My hair is thick and wavey. I used to have 2 hairdressers and a trainee blow dry my hair lol. Well that was some years ago now.

My hair has always fallen out but lately it has been more. As you all have said, it is a small price. Since feeling better because of my weight loss I don't care anymore but everywhere I look there is hair.
It is a side effect of TFR diets, yeah, I lost quite a lot of my hair after doing LighterLife & I could be losing mine now, I'm not sure! I don't brush my hair, so quite a bit comes out in the shower anyway...

I don't really think there's much you can do about it, my Mum does take supplements as after doing LighterLife every time she so much as cuts a few hundred calories it starts off the hair loss process again...but, tbh, I don't think they'd help, as the reason you lose your hair is because the growing/shedding cycle stops as your body is abandoning unnecessary functions while you're not eating. Hmm.

It will stop though & it will come back! I think I'm just going to chop all mine off & start again when it starts falling out. Heh.



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I have had hair loss as well but to reassure you it does grow back.

Here is an article that might help with the understanding of what is happening.

Hair Loss!
The science bit...
It's pretty common to lose hair when dieting. Here's why...

Each hair on your head grows for 4-5 years, then falls out. So your hair is always renewing itself. The long growth stage is called anagen and the short stopping phase that follows is called catagen. Then the hair falls out, which is telogen. The hair follicle then goes back into anagen and makes a long hair for the next 4-5 yaers.

What happens during weight loss is Telogen effluvium. It also happens after any stress to the body. Some of your hair follicles go into catagen to conserve body resources. So the hairs stop growing and "rest". Once your body feels safe again, those hairs go back into anagen - but because there was the pause in the middle, the brand new growing hair pushes the old hair out of the follicle. So in reality you have just as much hair as you did before - and it's probably far healthier hair. But the new hairs are short :)

Normally around 10% of your head of hair is in the catagen or telogen phase, in essence resetting itself to prepare for new hair to grow in. Because you have so much hair on your head, you don't even notice. During weight loss that percentage gets higher, but this is only temporary. Your body starts creating new hair in its normal cycle once it settles into a healthy weight and those hairs start growing again. Remember that hair doesn't reach a long state overnight! So all those new, healthy hairs need time to grow out to whatever length of hair you have chosen.

Usually it takes 6 months for your head of hair to have grown back out to typical fullness. Hair grows around 1/2" per month, so at the 6 month mark, the hair is around 3" long which is enough to seem thick on most heads. Again, it's not that the hair is MISSING during this intermediate time. It's just that it is brand new and growing from scratch.

Copied from here Weight Loss, HairLoss and Low Carb - Low Carb if you want to read the whole article!
I hope that helps:confused:

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Girls. Now i dont feel like a complete weirdo :)
Starting to think i might get my hair cut short to suit my new skinny face anyways! :)

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