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Hair Loss

it is diet related. i'm sure someone will come along with a sciencey explanation but basically your body hasnt been bothering with your hair while its on such little calories and eventually it comes out! it slows down and stops i promise.

advice? umm, not really, i'm sorry! mine's coming out something chronic at the moment and i just brush brush brush to get rid of it! i have blummin loads of hair tho so its not really an issue to me, i hope it doesnt get you down! xxx
hiya i was the opposite when i was on tfr my hair really thickened up it waas when i stopped i noticed it coming out i read on here somewhere that when your on tfr the body stops doing unessesary functions like shedding hair and nails growing so you conserve energy for the body to function with the little amount of calories your living on when you stop the tfr your body goes back to normal and it may seem like your losin loads of hair but in fact your just losing what you would have lost if you had'nt been on tfr! hope that makes sence!
I didn't lose mine until I came off TFR, however, it is to do with LT! Don't worry too much about it - I know it's horrible, but it will stop & it will come back! It's definitely worth it in the longrun :)



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Hi try not to worry it's only temporary I only started losing mine on refeed. It is something to do with shedding the dead hairs probably much quicker than you would notice when eating. xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You poor pet. It is one of the things I fear happening asmine has thinned a bit in recent years anyway. Best to get advice from your pharmacist.

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