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Hair Loss...

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Has anybody else experienced hair loss since re-feeding? I'm not talking one or two hairs coming out, I'm taking CLUMPS on my pillow in the morning, all over my clothes/carpet/floor etc. Really scared as I have pretty fine hair already and can't really afford to lose any more and go bald... :cry::(
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Hiya. Yup, happened to me and scared the B-jesus out of me. My sister (she is a hairdresser) came to my aid...she said it would stop when my head of hair thinned out but reassured me I would not go bald. She works in a hair loss salon and sees it on a daily basis and many quick slimmers get it once they STOP (something about the extra vits and minerals in Lipotrim, then sudden withdrawal is like pregnancy ???). I got some Hair-Vit (supplement ...chemist or ebay) to help me along and hair is fine now.


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Yup!!!! Nightmare. Mine has thankfully stopped although i had to have 4inches chopped off as it was so thin and scragly and it was just making it look worse than it was. It has started to grow back but has taken a good 4months for it to start.


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Mine was dropping out all the way through the shakes (6m), and is still coming out on re feed (1m), at what point does it stop coming out??
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I'm doing the CD diet, very similar to Lipotrim... just started recently, I'm so worried about the hair loss too, does it leave you with bold patches? I have loads of hair but its such a scary thought to have patches of baldness?


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S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
I've not got bald patches, but it is very thin. When i tie it back (which i try not to do too often) you can clearly see some thinner patches - it sort of looks like tension alopechia (sp?).

Liz ... Mine has only just stopped falling out and it started when i stopped LT first time at the end of june ... so 4 months.


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When I was on refeed I did experience hairloss rather than on LT itself. I'm sure it'll settle down after your body gets used to food. Don't worry too much, this will only increase the effect.


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Mine was falling out all over the place. There was hair everywhere around the house! It frightened me to death but it didnt look any different as i have thick hair anyway. I did buy vitamins but to be honest kept forgeting to take them. It only lasted a few months though and it doesn't fall out at all anymore. I tried to avoid washing it so much and straightening it. I also stopped highlighting it for a bit too. Don't worry it doesn't last for long. xx


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what happens if you have got long hair that is not very thick mines fine i use hair thickening shampoos to make it look thicker than it is i use pantene full and thick used to prefer full volume as i dont think this works as well but they have messed about with it changed names etc I am talking this is the state of my hair now but im on lipotrim and will be until October so dont want to end up losing my waist length hair take years to get it back.
or having to have it cut takes to long to grow and suits me long.
Anyone heard anything about anyone with long hair how they got on would be grateful laura

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