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hair loss???

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as far as i know hun, there's nothing we can do it slow or stop it - its just got to run its course. try using a really gentle shampoo, like baby shampoo or something to ease the strain on existing hair! xxx
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hi all, long time no see hope every1 doing good xx
just a question, about hair loss,,, does any1 know how long it goes on for and is there anything i can do to help it stop ???
my hair feels like its getting thinner and loads comes out when i wash it and im starting to get a bit paranoid now xx
Hey chick

I've been refeeding now for about 6 weeks now. The hair loss started about 2 weeks into refeed and its just starting to slow down now. It is quite daunting and I was pretty miffed about it but it doesn't all go and hair extensions are a god send!!!! I'd had them put in before I started the re-feed as I knew hair loss was one of the after effects.

Good luck xx
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oh i think i read somewhere about taking a vitamin supplement for hair, skin and nails helps...just a thought x
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Baby shampoo is the worst thing to use - don't do it!!! I went private and saw a trichologist (hair specialist) and she said baby shampoo is absolutely the worst thing to use... can't remember why but she did (I'll ask her next week when I see her again)! She said there is nothing you can do to stop it and that it just has to run its' course and to just continue using the shampoo that you normally use. The whole hair falling out thing is called TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM - google it. It's associated with the body having been under severe strain/stress and starving yourself is obviously a strain on the body, even if you don't feel it at the time. I've lost about half my hair and it's still falling out, and I had thin hair anyway. It's still rapidly falling out and can do so for 3-6 months.

Hope this helps anyone experiencing the same thing. x
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PS. She also told me to take iron, folic acid, cod liver oil and omega 3 supplements every day. Also to avoid spinach?! Haha!
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I lost loads of hair when I came off LT (I was on it for 13 weeks). In the shower I pulled handfuls out everytime I washed my hair, and people where always commenting on how many hairs where on my white duffle coat (i have dark hair and it was sooo noticable!)

I didnt worry too much about it, but then after a few weeks I started to feel a bit stressed. I dont think they really tell you much about this side affect and prepare you for it.

Thankfully I have thick hair so it wasnt noticeable to the eye, but I definitely could feel my hair had thinned out.

I dont know if this is accurate for everyone but my experience was that I seemed to lose hair for the same amount of time that I was on TFR.

I started loosing my hair a few weeks after coming off TFR, and this continued for about 3 months (which is the time I was on the diet). I think this makes sense, as apparently your hair stops falling out while you are on the diet, so you are losing all the hair you would have lost plus extras!

I think it is good to be prepared for the hair loss and not to get freaked out when you see it coming out as this probably makes it worse if you get stressed.

Noone ever commented to me that my hair looked thinner, it was just I could feel it thinner and also I could see it coming out!

A year later and my hair is very thick again.

I think its a great idea to get extensions if it is noticeable, as I was in a shop in dublin the other week and I was a amazed at the variety of hair pieces etc you can get.

It is only temporary, I have never heard of anyone who has said their hair didnt grow back.

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Hey indie.

Mine has started to grow back - it's like little sprouts, kinda like baby hair! So fingers crossed it grows back.

Take care :)
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Hi, After i stopped LT for the first time i lost a lot of hair... i didnt have any bold spots but my hair was deffinately a lot thinner and noticable. Basically when your on the shakes you stop growing new hair as your body is working harder to support the rest of your body needs, once your off the diet and eating normally again your body starts to make more hair, this pushes out the old hair hence why you get a lot of hair falling out in one go! But dont worry.. the hair loss isnt permant and your hair will grow back looking as healthy as ever :)


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My hair is still falling out from when i finished LT the first time round back in june. And now my eyelashes are starting to fall out ....

Im starting to think mine isnt LT related anymore and am considering a trip to the doc - its not a nice thing to happen but its certainly worth being healthy and slim.
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sorry to hear your still having a problem tanya, a trip to the doctors will surely put your mind at rest hun xx


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Id feel like i'd be wasting his/her time though going there cuz my hair is falling out! lol

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Tanya, you will not be wasting time. If it is alopecia and not LT that is the cause, then the doc can refer you to a trichologist for specific treatments to help stop and reverse the problem. Even if it is LT that is the cause then at least you will know for sure and can just be patient till it grows back. Meantime you are worrying about it so go find out for sure and put your mind at ease.


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omg didnt know your hair fulls out


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