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hair loss!!!

Just wondering if anyone has came across hair loss while on the diet ....

Ive have very fair hair and does tend to fall out alot so im a bit on edge i will lose more hair than i should !!

Its a very small percentage so im not worrying just with my hair It would not surprise me

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Yep, me! :(

I had lovely hair but now it is extremely thin.

Mine started to fall out after TFR though and i even saw the doc a couple of times and had blood taken for tests but all perfectly normal. So conclusion was that it was a hormonal imbalance which makes sense as TFR messed up my totm big time.

I shouldnt worry too much about it as you might not experience it :)
I had super thick hair & a lot of mine came out when I finished TFR. Luckily I've still got plenty left & you wouldn't think "thin hair" unless you knew how much I had before. It'll probably look pretty bad after this time though, as that's two lots of hair loss...

But, not everyone experiences it! & it does come back :)

oh god ive really thin hair :(
ill literally go bald if i lose hair !!
Hair always grows back, my hair falls out all the time anyway as I have been dying my hair continuously for 12 years and I have been every colour you could think of.

If it does happen to you Annie try a new hairstyle - think of it as a treat too :)
hehe maybe thats why mine falls out dying it scince i was 14 lol
ah dont get me wrong dosent fall out much nothing more than normal lol
jus cuz im blonde u can see d hair on black alot lol

ah i dont mind i love my hair so much
but i wanna look fab !!!

thanks girlies
That's a good excuse to stop wearing black then, we're coming into the summer just think of all those lovely colours you'll be able to wear :)
hehe true cant wait for my summer holidays :) im not buying any clothes untill the 2nd week in june :)
ur doing very well on it pauline :D


wants to be slim
Hi - i got my 6th WI tomorrow and i haven't noticed any hair loss yet - does this tend to happen later on when you've been on it for a couple of months?
I heard it happens when you come off it but its a very slim side effect like only happens to 10% of people im not too sure tho hun..
good luck with your weigh in tomo !1 :D

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