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Hair Loss


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:eek: I am beginning to get really worried about hair loss.
I have read and heard that a lot of people who do LL (and other vcld's) lose hair after a number of weeks on the diet.

This isn't just idle gossip or scaremongering - I have seen accounts of hair loss outlined in the LL magazine and at some stage on this forum. I spoke to someone today whose friend did the diet and stopped about about 12 weeks when she was finding clumps of hair in the shower - Gawd!!

I keep checking to see if my leg and underarm hair is still growing and I am terrified that my eyebrows will begin to look sparse!!!

I have really nice hair and I have always looked after it well. I don't want to lose any - not even for a short time.

Those of you who have been on the diet for a long time i.e. completed the 100 days Foundation, have all of you experienced hair loss and just how bad was it?

Very worried Fatpossum :cry:
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FP - I have lots of hair loss. I have to clean the clumps out of the shower every day - but my eyebrows and legs/arm hairs are still growing!

Although I'm obviously losing a lot - it is totally not noticeable AT ALL! Really..... relax! I haven't heard of anyone experiencing such terrible hair loss that it has affected the way they look - I'm sure if that's the case someone will come along and say - but I've been doing this since November and I've been in 4 different groups now - that's 48 people - plus all the people on here - and I've yet to hear of anyone having hair loss so chronic that it's become problematic!

That being said, it does get tiresome pulling hair out of the plughole... :D
FP, I was mildly concerned about the hair loss thing but if it came to a choice between being slim and healthy or temporarily losing a bit of hair... no contest. During foundation I noticed leg and underarm hair wasn't growing so quickly but now I'm eating again it's growing with a vengeance. As for my head, I have long hair and I can't say I've noticed a great difference in hair loss - still have plenty left. Apparently your body slows down on the hair front during abstinence so when you eat again you lose the hair you would have lost during abstinence plus the normal amount. I suppose it depends what your priorities are as to whether it affects you significantly - I did this diet for reasons of health rather than appearance, though I must say I'm enjoying looking good again and shopping for size 10s!


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I also have to unblock the hole after a shower...lol. Also more hair comes out in my brush too. But its not left bald patches on my head. So dont worry about that.
I have noticed the hairs under my arms take longer to grow, the legs about the same as usual.


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Hia Fatpossum,

I have had hair loss too but, although alarming to shed so much after every shower, there is no difference in the appearance of my hair.

I think that the amount of dying and bleaching I've done will do more harm.

As Goombagirl says, it is well worth losing a bit of hair (which isn't even noticed) and getting slim/healthy, than (in my case) carrying an extra 100 lbs around, which I was doing.

Believe me, that gets it all in perspective! I still marvel that I did that - function every day carrying around that 100 lbs of fat, 24-7.

Hope this helps!


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I'm losing less hair than I did before I started - and it appears healthier than ever! I've done 18 weeks and have about 10 weeks to go. LL are honest about it being a side-effect and I don't know of anyone who didn't regrow a full head of hair after stopping SSing.

I have just completed 100 days and yes i too have had hair loss. I would say it started at about week 6 and has been at it's worst for about 3-4 weeks now but as everyone else said there is no noticable difference and no bald patches (i've had my hairdresser check).

I worried about saggy skin before starting LL but the choice is: slim and healthy with saggy skin and in this case hair very slightly thinner for a while or fat to maintain a full head...no contest! as Goombagirl said


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My hair has been falling out in clumps now im on management but its only the hair my body hung onto while I was just on foodpacks so I know I'm not gonna go bald!
Don't worry FP, it doesn't happen to everyone either,


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Thanks Chaps

Thanks to all those who have been assisting me in overcoming my fear of impending baldness!!!

I still worry about "clumps" but so long as it isn't noticeable.

Will keep you posted.
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Well... I'm going to be very contrary here and say that I am actually losing less hair than normal! Before LL I regulary blocked up the plug hole with hair , but now I dont at all! My hair looks better than its done for years and I have noticed a small increase in the body hair as well.
So it sounds like when I start eating again it will fall out with a vengence!


has started again!!
I seem to be shedding a lot more hair than before too. I am always picking up strays from my clothes, and having to unblock the plughole.
I have very, very thick hair tho, so thankfully its not a problem as yet! I have been SSing for 13 weeks now.

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