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Hair loss!


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I am losing quite a lot of hair :eek: It rolled into the size of a golf ball after my shower! I do have very thick hair but this is really disconcerting. Anyone else experienced this. Chemist said if it continues I should refeed and diet by healthy eating afer this week.

I don't want to! Has anyone else had this and is it something I should be worried about?

Thanks for any advice xx
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Here we go again!
Hi Catt. I do have a little extra hair loss now but found once you are refeeding and doing maintenance that's when you can lose more!! I started to take a hair and nail supplement a couple of weeks before finishing and the loss wasn't too bad at all. It's very natural though on LT. Ask Summergurl about it cos she experienced it after finishing LT too.


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I lost a good bit of hair last time I was on lipotrim.. i didnt get baldy patches, it thinnned ifykwim.... I have very thick hair also.. one thing is dont panic.. my advice is if you dont want to come off lipotrim then go to a good hair dresser and get them to do a cut with layers in it... the hair thins all over, you dont really get bald patches, however one thing that did irritate me is it took ages for the baby hairs at the top of the forehead on each side to grow back and I did have wispy bits... when you are refeeding take kelp tablets... and remember, the reason the hair is falling out is that lipotrim makes the bady conserve energy from what ever source it can.. these hairs would naturally fall out even not on lipotrim, just not as quick, and new hairs would grow.. my hair didnt fall out while i was on lipotrim but for the 6 weeks after, when it grew back my hair was actually thicker.. my advice is go to a good hair dresser and get a nice cut that will thicken your hair xxx
I experienced this quite badly around 3 weeks after starting a re-feed, it was very alarming and it's only just stopped shedding in the last couple of weeks (would say it went on for around 8 weeks in total). My hair now feels very thin, no bald patches though. Try not to panic, the shedding is a good sign actually, as it means the new hairs are already on their way through :)
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i lose a lot of hair anyway and was concerned i may lose more while on tfr but im not sure if its more or not. although it would wory me to if it was too much as its thin enough lol x x


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S: 16st12lb C: 15st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 0st13lb(5.51%)
Aww thanks for your replies. It is still coming out at an alarming rate :cry::cry::cry:

I am fighting with my self at the moment as I don't want to come off LT for another 3 weeks. I am going away in 4 weeks and am in a dilemma. If I come off I won't lose as much as I want to :mad: and if I don't what will my head look like then aarrgghh!!!

Also I may continue with hair loss even when eating again? I have started taking a multi vitamin which I hope will help plus I'm going to Holland and Barratt tomorrow :cry::cry::cry:

So unhappy...


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oh my hair is really think and i hate it, i hope i lose some of the thickness then i may be able to buy one hair bye n not two lol but sorry you dont want this ti happen x
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really sorry Catt, it must be worrying to say the least, i had no idea this was a side effect ...


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I have thin hair and it happened me too until recently, even clogged my shower! It happened to me on WW a few years ago though so maybe its something some people get more than others?
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my shower always get clogged with my hair even before my diet. my hubby wants me to wear a hair net lol x x


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there is a thing you can get for the bottom of the shower like a little sieve and it catches the hairs my Dad bought one for my parents house for when my sister and I are home for training hahaha


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hiya, been searching through the posts to find something on hair loss, and saw this, and that it hadnt been posted that long ago. so wanted to reply on it

my hair is falling out massively, every night i shower and there is huge amounts coming out, im not exagerating either, there is ALOT, there not just little bits either, there full length strands clumped together, it happens every time i brush my hair aswell, its now got to the point where i wont wear my hair down because it drops out even if i slide my fingers through it! so its always up. like everyone else who as been losing alot of hair i am very concerned this is also really upsetting and getting me down, is there anything i can take for this? along side doing TFR?

advice is much appreciated thankyou


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Generally, the hair will grow back after awhile. It is worrying when you see the sink clogged with clumps of hair.
Mine started to shed very badly and it certainly was one of my reasons to move to GL. I has stopped shedding now but is quite thin all over. Istarted taking viviscal immediately I noticed it. I hope it thickens up soon. HAve to take an supplement for hair for at least three months to see a result, so will stick with viviscal.

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