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Hair Loss!


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Tracey J - I know you had this problem .....did it stop?? How much hair did you lose? Did it grow back?

I am losing huge quantities now. Only since stopping LT,

I would like to start back on TFR in the next few weeks for stage 2 of my loss but am terrified how much hair will I lose?????
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Says it as it is!!!
sara... how your little girl.... do you have pics in your albums??
everyone I know has had hair loss who has done TFR - but it does grow back and no one has gone bald yet :)


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Hi,Im on day five and I normally molt like a dog anyway but this morning in the shower,I had a good palmful of hair,not much worried as I have thick hair but it must be alarming for anyone who has fine hair.


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Hey nic! I arrived home with my beautiful baby girl on Wed morning but she is very unwell and was admitted to hospital on Fri night. It is a bank holiday weekend over here and so she won't get tests done till Tues. She is gorgeous and a real trooper. Smiling through it all! Hopefully she will recover quickly. I haven't got round to pics yet. But the nurses are fighting over her in the hospital!


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HIya Sara
How are you? Long time no chat. Delighted to hear you have your little baby home at last, hope she gets better really soon.
Regarding the hair loss, I have noticed Im losing a bit more than usual (I normally molt all the time) but I have a good thick head of hair so am not too worried about it. I hope to go back on tfr in 2 weeks, hope I can stick to it.


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Hey bindi

I hope to get back to TFR in roughly 2 weeks too! Thank God I have maintained since my last weigh in and haven't put any more back on.

The baby is fab but she needs to get well. She is way underweight and has a bad chest and blood in her bowels. Hospital are being great. So fingers crossed when I get her a bit more sorted and out of hospital I will go back on TFR till I get to target.

How are you keeping????
Rather randomly before i started LT my hair used to fall out loads but now it seems to fall out less?? im convinced i was eating something that didnt agree with me as I also feel heaps better and its not just the ketosis making me feel that way, so when i start eating again im going to reintroduce things one by one and maybe i will work out whats been making me feel cack for years.

I have very fine hair so if it does start to fall out big style it will be noticable but itll grow back so shouldnt worry about it till it happens i suppose


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Hi there, I know hair loss is not uncommon on LT but if you have just had a baby hair loss also occurs.

When you are pregnant, Progesterone builds up in your body to block the opening to the uterus. The most predominant side effect is that hair loss slows right down or even stops. When you have the baby progesterone is dramatically reduced and hair loss is triggered. You can lose an alarming amount but it is only hair that would have been shed over the months. This can happen in a matter of days after the birth
Does this apply to you?
Hey sara!

Glad to hear you have finally got your baby!! Im sure she will be well soon and home with you. (keely sara adopted her baby from africa!!! how cool is that?!)

You are a star, and you must have a heart of Gold. I know how much you had been looking forward to this and Im sure you will be happy once you can get into a normal routine.

I am sorry I cant advise u on the hair loss situation... well done on maintaing your weight loss - especially through this stressful time! You are going to be fine Im sure!

Keep us posted on the news of your little girl!



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Sara, fingers crossed for your little one.

As for hair loss, my normally thick hair is very thin at the moment but looking really nice so I don't mind!


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