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Hair loss


Cambridge Counsellor
Please can someone who is safely out the other side tell me how long the hair loss phase lasts?

My hair has been coming out in handfuls for about six weeks now. Every time I brush it, the brush almost disappears under the fluff, and each time I run my fingers through I get 2 or 3 hairs. I lose tons in the shower and find piles more in my bed every morning.

I'm not really worried as I have very thick hair and there is plenty more. But I am starting to get a bit fed up with it.

The main problem is that my OH has an absolute pathological disgust of other people's hair cast-offs. He is constantly picking at my clothes and tutting loudly when he finds hairs in the bathroom or God forbid, the kitchen. So I am becoming paranoid and having to go round frantically cleaning all the time.

Also my OH has said that he thinks my hair is losing its shine a bit. This is a bit of an issue as my lustrous shiny hair has always been one of my best features (one of my only good points until I lost the weight) and I am not keen to give that up.

So please can anyone reassure me how long does this phase last? And is there anything specific that I can do to stop it?
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Yep, me too. Mines down in the small of my back & very thick.... TBH it's the only thing putting me off the diet.

Would I be able to take a supplement while I'm on CD? Kelp tablets are fab for making your hair healthy. Would I be able to take them, or perfectil?

I undertook LL for over 6 months and about 2/3 months after I stopped having the shakes my hair began to fall out. Being of a particular age i wasn't quite sure whether I was beginning the change so didn't connect the two things. It lasted around 2 months with hair being left on my pillow, embarrassing moments in hairdressers with the poor girl looking seriously worried when she was rinsing my hair and holding handfuls of it in her hand. Your hair will come back. Mine has and it is in very good condition. My friend also lost quite a bit of hers but hers too came back. Don't worry as that may hinder it's return.


Cambridge Counsellor
That's just what I needed to hear - thanks.

In my case it also happened when I came out of ketosis and started moving up the programs. I think I will look into the kelp supplement too.
It means your bodies lacking in zinc

take zinc... it will help alot
Another one whose hair fell out once out of ketosis and I really don't have that much anyway.I have tried loads of supplements,but it hasn't really helped...Sort of decided I prefer being thin with a wig!I think you can tell in my pic it is quite thin,but noone notices my hair anyway
If I was losing my hair and nothing worked, I'd listen to my body.


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Well I'd seek medical advice or try a different diet.. it's not healthy for your hair to be falling out and supplements not working for it. But then, I like my hair alot.

Like your link says.. the supplements should help and way to go.. I'll take them if mine suffers but if they weren't working, that's a cause for concern.


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Ah, I see. Well, possibly. Hmm, hair or fast weight loss? :) I'll have the fast weight loss. It's pretty rare for your hair not to fill out again once you're done with the ketosis stage, it seems.

I don't think taking supplements could make much difference anyway, if the information in the article I linked to is correct. The hairs are still there--they're just really short, LOL. They don't need any help from supplements, they just need time to grow! :)
Unfortunately i'm the same. My hair has been falling out by the handful for about 2 months. I've tried supplements but with no success.
I'm presuming this is a short term thing and if needs be I may have to cut my hair to try and accomodate the thiness of it.
I know I prefer to be slim with thin hair than what I was before though.


almost skinny
I always experience hairloss two to three months after stressful periods in my life. Just before our wedding I thought I would go bald :D

I guess Cambridge works like that, your body is under stress for a while. It is a VLCD after all, so it's bound to have some side effects.


Cambridge Counsellor
Thanks Lily, that article has just confirmed, and given medical names for what I had thought was happenng anyway. I also prefer thin me with thin hair & will worry about it no more.

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