hair loss


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hi guys not been on for ages as i am refeeding and as a foster carer i have a new little one placed with me so i have been busy but i am worried for about 3 weeks my hair has been coming out realy bad when i wash my hair i loose that much it blocks the plug hole is this normal do i need vitamins i dont want to end up with bald patches any advice please...jenny
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Hi hun, this has happened to quite a few people on here and is a known side effect of VLCD's. If you do a search on the forum you will find more inf. Basically it is a sign that your hair is now starting to grow again and as the new is coming through the old is falling out.

It can be distressing but it is temporary and you won't end up bald. Not sure if specific supplements would help but don't suppose they would do any harm.

I am sure there will be posters along with more experience, and congrats on your losses x


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It's not happened to me as yet but try not to worry too much about it Jenny. Whilst it's distressing, as i understand it, it's only short term.

Congrats on your weightloss btw, you've done fantastic. :)