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Hair loss

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hey hun
i know this might sound a lil bit stupid but i did LT in the summer and then stopped. after that my hair started falling real bad... and then at the end of october i went back on LT and my hair stopped falling almost straight away. the only way i can understand this is that in my normal diet there was something missing which was making my hair fall. they do say that LT has all the vitamins etc that you need so maybe it might be an idea to take some hair vitamins when you do stop taking LT. does that make sense? also, hair loss is a common side effect of LT so it is normal for this to happen to you. everyone who has had this problem has said that their hair did go back to normal after a couple of months. there is a thread on here somewhere where people have been talking about hair loss on LT, see if you can find it, i know i have posted on it before, it should be in the thread list.
Dont worry tho, because that will make your hair fall out more unfortunately! also, try rubbing oil into your scalp as this helps circulate blood etc and will also strengthen your roots so hopefully hair will fall out less.

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Thanks I'll search the site. As long as it doesnt mean I'm on lipotrim for life!:eek::eek:

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You seem to be doing well. Have you struggled over xmas?XX
hehe... you will not be on LT for life! well... i dont celebrate xmas so its been good for me!... went to my best friend's place for xmas dinner coz her mum is lovely and invited me and got a halal turkey and everything... but i didnt eat anything! i pretended i had a tummy bug so i couldnt eat (havent told alot of people about the diet)
we had eid (like xmas) a couple of weeks back and i stayed away from the food. i am getting married in october so i really really cannot afford to slip up. it was very very hard tho coz i was around food the entire time!

you have lost so much weight tho, you must be so proud of yourself!.. how long has it taken you so far?

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Thanks. So far I have lost 3 stone in 10weeks but have been off lipotrim for 5 weeks due to a holiday (where i didnt put on weight), but since I've been back I've put on 4 lbs. I'm starting on lipo tomorrow and going for a weigh in on tues with loulou. Wish me luck. I hope I can restart where I left off.XX

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Have looked on site, hair loss seems really common and it should right itself, thankgoodness! XX

i did cambridge diet and after 6months of starting the diet i started teh hair loss, it did stop after about a few months tho. also i had stopped the CD after 4months, so maybe compare this when u start looseing hair. also the hair loss is a common side effect of VLCDs like this. it does stop eventually!

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Thanks. Now I think about it I didnt lose much whilst on lipotrim and I'm back on it today!!XX
Since having a break off lipotrim my hair has been falling out big time. I'm hoping to stop that when I go back on it tomorrow.

Anybody got any answers?
I also did LT last year losing 56lb, and masses of hair, once I stopped my hair did start growing back to it's former glory about 2 months later. I was lucky because I have a really thick head of hair, but other LTers had the same problem with thinner hair, but theirs too grew back as it was before. Don't despair. You can also get hair and nail tabs from holland and barrett. Hope this helps, good luck with the rest of your weight loss journey xx

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OMG you look fab. Well done.XX

Thanks for your reply.
Lol Fifi that fellow LTer will be me! I have really thin hair and lost lots whilst refeeding 10 months ago! It wasnt pleasant i have to say and i still have the odd short bit where its growing back...but i lost 4st and it was worth every bit of hair loss! I stopped losing hair after a couple of months xx


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My pharmacist explained the reason why this happens. This diet is a controlled starvation diet. It gives the body what it needs for the essential organs to function fully. The body shuts down doing things that are not necessary ...... i.e like growing new hair. The hair you lose is what you would have lost anyway, its just not being replaced at the moment. As soon as you go back to normal eating....after a couple of months you will notice your hair starts to get back to normal.

Hi Fi and Tracy.....fab to see you guys.


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Mine has been falling out also especially when brushing it after a bath...I am not to worried at the moment..But if it carries on I will be! :(
Apparently the Lipotrim people say it grows back?! Thats what they said on the video. Or maybe you could take those Wellwoman capsules that help hair and nails????

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