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  1. SilverSilph

    SilverSilph Silver Member

    Hey guys, my hair loss has kicked in. only started a week or 2 ago. i know this means my hair has started growing again after the diet stopped it growing, but I was wondering has anyone gone thru this? and does anyone know how much hair I'll lose :( I getting a lil worried....
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  3. Fattylicious_Gurl

    Fattylicious_Gurl Full Member

    well i heard that we lose on average a 100 hairs a day naturally :S not sure to what extent its true! is it really bad? maybe u shud ask at the pharmacy there might be a vitamin supplement or sumthn ur allowed to take particularly for hair? xxx
  4. SilverSilph

    SilverSilph Silver Member

    my hair is quite thick so i doubt I'm gonna go bald..... but I dunno. there nothing a can do to stop it cos basically the diet stops ur hair growing, then wen ur hair starts growing again it pushes out the old growth....I just wondering if this happens for every hair follicle or only a percentage...
  5. Hi,

    Try not to worry about your hair loss. I found it a bit scary when it happened to me, I lost hair for about 8-10 weeks. I think it looks worse than it is, because it is not noticeable that I have less hair, but I think cos you see a lot coming out all in one go it looks a bit freaky.

    Im sure you will be fine also. Be prepared for it to last a couple of months, and do not fret!

  6. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    I lost a lot but it wasnt noticeable it was just a lot on the pillow and it shower. Dont worry you wont go bald like the 3rd member of right said fred :) you might notice a bit of thinning but nothing noticeable! I have short hair as well and no one noticed. You can take iron tablets if it gets really bad but ask chemist first xxxx
  7. mandye

    mandye Silver Member

    Hi I lost a lot of hair on CD but didnt go bald and it does grow back .Sorry if this is not what you want to hear but it does grow back and I would do the same diet again as I know when you have a lot of weight to lose prolonged diet on ww sw lt cd ect can have the same efect and few months of bad hair days is better that the health risks cause by my weight problems xx
  8. Fattylicious_Gurl

    Fattylicious_Gurl Full Member

    maybe cutting ur hair shorter would stop it falling as much? whenever i grow my hair long it starts falling more..
  9. Purpleangel

    Purpleangel Silver Member

    what about taking those vitamins that help hair and nails? That might be a possibility.
  10. Fattylicious_Gurl

    Fattylicious_Gurl Full Member

    i think whoevers got a pharmacy appointment next shud ask :D i got my weigh in on saturday so ill ask then! xx
  11. SilverSilph

    SilverSilph Silver Member

    thanks all. I think I should be ok, just glad to have the advice of ppl who been thru it :) I've very thick hair so I'm hoping that will stand me in good stead. fingers crossed :)

    Just finished day one of my restart, have a blinding headache but outherwise i'm fit as a fiddle, so far so good :)
  12. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    If you are taking all of your packs you will be getting enough vitamins, minerals etc., to keep healthy.

    With all weight loss that is over a long period of time hair loss can be a side effect for some, not all. It is not permanent. It is similar to the way you lose hair after you have a baby.

    By the time you have hair loss your new hair has already started growing back.

    In my own case I think it grows back better than ever as my hair is now in much better condition that it was first time around.

    I found the above post on this thread.

    If you use the Search button the blue bar above you will find more posts.

    Love Mini xxx
  13. SilverSilph

    SilverSilph Silver Member


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