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Hair loss


can see the end in sight!
Hello all!

Can someone please explain why we lose hair on CD? mine has gotten a fair bit thinner, but i have always had a lot of hair so it's only me that notices. does it actually fall out at the scalp, or do you just stop growing new hair while on CD etc? I'm very confused. I have at least another 3 to 4 months on CD SS so i dont want to be bald by the end of it!!

thanks :)
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I had the same problem, and now it has me worried again. My old CDC told me its because your in Ketosis your body doesnt reprocduce the new hair but doesnt stop the hair falling out. By doing the 810 it should avoid this xx
Another reason is that your body stores hormones in the fat cells, so when you lose fat it releases these.
So you get hair loss from the hormonal changes, a bit like pregnant women losing hair once the baby is born.
Dont worry you wont go completely bald, and it will all grow back once you start moving up plans.


can see the end in sight!
phew! thanks for your replies. i guess i will have to suck it up and deal with it, would rather be slim and have a bit less hair i guess!
go to your hairdresser and explain about the thining hair.
They are trained to know a hairstyle that will hide the thin bits.
I recently did this, got a lovely cut and highlights.....my hair looks so much thicker.


can see the end in sight!
i am considering getting it all cut off anyway! its down to my lower back now, and am considering a shorter cut once i reach the next stone bracket. am sick of all the faffing with long hair!


Absolutely Determined!
This is one side effect i am not worried about! My hair is so thick it's often unmanageable without 2 hrs of straightening!! Bring on the thinning hair, like, now please!! ;)
I noticed today when putting my hair back, my hair has really thinned in one patch:cry:, I have been losing loads this past 2 weeks, in my hair brush and when washing my hair, and now I can see it:cry:

I need to start wearing my hair down more I think, it's not fair!!

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