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Hair loss


Can somebody out there please reassure me that I won`t end up looking like Britney Spears? My hair is still falling out. I used to have lovely thick hair but it`s much thinner now and I am getting increasingly worried.
I`ve been off LL since mid November and am maintaining my weight (I won`t kid anybody that it`s easy), but as many of you will already know, it`s worth it- we`re ALL worth it!

:sigh: :sigh:
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Hi Ann

I can't help I am afraid but I am sure someone will be along to answer you soon hun

Please be assured that your hair will come back. It took mine about 5 to 6 months to recoup after coming off the diet. Mine got a lot thinner, but never like Britneys! Be patient, it's one of few downfalls of the diet.

Take care,


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I'm interested in this as my LLC said that the main reason was that hair goes through grow, rest, shed stages and while you are on the diet it tends to stick in "rest", then catches up with all its shed and grow bit once you come off. I'm mildly reassured that my hair is still growing (28 days in)but am keeping a worried eye on it!


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Does this happen to everyone?

im really scared now - i already had thinning problems and now it seems back to normal.

is it like balding patches? i cant afford for my hair to go thinner...:mad: it's already fine..


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Panic not Jenna ! If your hair is falling out it generally means it is actually growing.

When I started a VLCD my hair stopped growing, noticed in on legs, underarms etc rather than on my head. However about 18 weeks in it all started re-growing again and then I noticed that there was always loads of hair in my brush and in the shower.

It is normal. Your body doesn't prioritise hair growth when you are on a VLCD but it only slows the cycle down, it doesn't stop it. Your hair will grow as lush and lovely as before or even better. There are quite a few threads on here about this maybe a few months back. Apparently the same thing happens in pregnancy too.


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Hi Ann2shoes,

I have had the hair loss and it does grow back.

Had hair loss after my son as well and it grew back.

If your not using the packets anymore you could ask in your chemist about a multi vitamin for your hair if you feel your diet might not be providing enough.

Top Nutritional Tips To Support Healthy Hair Growth


oh and it doesn't happen to everyone either!

I had it after pregnancy too, so I expect when I go into management I will notice it a lot too. Mine grew back fine after pregnancy so I'm sure it will be fine this time too!