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Hair removal/itchiness advice

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I normally get my legs & bikini line waxed but due to lack of money I've been using hair removal cream (Veet)...

Normally I've no problems at all but since I used this now the hair is growing back is really really itchy...& I've like little red spots (yuck)

I've used the sensitive cream & put moisturiser on..

What can I do to prevent this? Any one else get this?
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I have this problem with veet as well - less the red spots and more the itching. I have just abandoned the stuff now & gone back to shaving my legs until like you I can afford waxing again.


Silver Member
I itch on regrowth regardless of how I remove it. I've epilated and waxed and am now cursed with ingrown hairs from all angles (despite exfoliating every other day). Sometime it gets so bad, I scratch with a hair brush, the side of a credit card and even an open pair of scissors. Aloe vera helps a bit but nothing I've found completely removes the itch so instead I just let them grow. Bearing in mind I dont wear anything other than trousers and my fella would rather me be hairy than hack at my legs with a stiletto heel, it's quite easy to get away with it.

If you find a miracle cure, please let me know!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
It might be Veet then, I'll have to go to shaving again then.

HelsAngel - I feel for you, mine really isn't that bad...X


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I got some really good oil spray for after waxing / shaving from Boots. It was about £7 but should last a while. I usually really suffer when I do my bikini line but it sorted it out really well. It's called Parissa Huile d'azulene.

parissa.com | Azulene Oil
I have the same prob and sometimes talcum powder works but most often i have to wait and redo it again. I did use an epilator and worked wonders but it just hurt too much x

There was me thinking I was just a wuss with the epilator! :) Good to know its not just me!

Im allergic to hair removal creams, and shaving has the same effect on me with the redness and itchiness.

I have no choice to shave or epilate, but I might grind away my teeth if I epilate too much :( xx

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