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i think it molts a bit more when were on refeed, but i could be wrond , im not to sure,, im sure somebody will be along to fill us in!


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Nothing usually happens when you are on LT, but when you come off, there has been problems...My hair is still falling out, and has thinned a lot! Some people have suffered quite bad hair loss and in clumps as well.

I bought some special shampoo/conditioner, and something else, which I use once in a while just to help. It was rather expensive, and I will try and find what it is called.

If you google hair and LT, you might find some info....might be a bit scarey, but I just think it is a small price to pay, and it doesnt happen to everyone either!


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I think some people find their hair thins when refeeding. As I understand it, it's because while we're on TFR we're getting all the vitamins and minerals we need, but on refeed we're relying on food more (and therefore probably not getting as many nutrients). I think the answer may be to use a good multi-vitamin when refeeding. Whatever, it is only temporary so not really anything to worry about.



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Ahh, thanks guys.

Might dose myself up on the hair and nail vitamins when i get to refeed.
My hair is the only thing that actually looks good!
But i guess its a small price to pay...

Bells, im doing to do what you do and just not think about it lol


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When the body is under stress the hair stops growing - just sits there. Then when it starts growing again the first thing it does is push out all the old, dead hair. I guess some of us lose it all at once instead of gradually over the months.........apparently. It will get thicker again when you re-feed or before, i wouldn't worry about it too much. HTH


5 stone to go!
thats the way mellum.. i did buy some vitamins for afterwards though. seeing as your in england its alot cheaper.. its called perfectil for hair skin and nails and its 30 quid over here. but boots are doing a deal in england atm and you can get three for two and its on about 15ounds. defo worth a stock up for after.


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My hair fell out drastically - so much so, when I was having a shower, i had to empty the plug 3 times for the water to continue going down !

I had my hair cut to sshoulder length (as it was nearly waist length) to try and make it less obvious.

Anyway, it has slowed down and is getting better.

here is a quote from the 'tinternet....
While on a very-low-calorie diet, a small number of participants may experience excessive hair shedding. This is a temporary condition and indicates the growth of new hair as the old hair is literally pushing out the new.

For some, this may only begin once they return to a conventional diet.

Hair grows in three stages:
  • Anagen - the active phase when new cells in the hair root are being produced and the hair shaft is growing.
  • Catagen - a resting phase when there is little cell division in the hair root and the hair shaft is not growing. The base of the hair ‘disconnects’ from the root and just ‘rests’ in the follicle.
  • Telogen - when the resting hair ‘sheds’ because the hair root has gone into anagen and the cycle is starting again, with the new hair pushing out the old.
When energy intake is reduced, as it is on any diet, the body reduces the proportion of follicles in anagen and more follicles go into catagen and telogen than would usually be the case, but this usually remains unnoticeable.

In around 4% of people, however, the proportion of follicles in telogen exceeds 30% and hair loss becomes noticeable. It’s more likely to happen if you’ve experienced excess hair shedding in the past (e.g. following pregnancy, flu or stress).
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It’s more likely to happen if you’ve experienced excess hair shedding in the past (e.g. following pregnancy, flu or stress).

I dont think i lost much hair after i had my daughter..and if i did then i didnt notice..Eek im paranoid about losing my hair now! Its pretty long and id hate to cut it off..

Nice hair vs Happy with myself..i think the latter wins this time.


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Nice hair vs Happy with myself..i think the latter wins this time.

My thoughts exactly - my hair will always grow - and I also think i was hiding behind it a little - like a trademark - well, now the trademark fat is going and the hair has gone too !!!

Its not forever. x


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What a great post Caren!

Yup mine thinned in refeed but it really wasnt that bad at all!


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Thanks chelly !. x


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I found it came out excessively for the same amount of time i was on the diet (3 weeks) it was scary cos i would say my hair is my best feature!! It was everywhere, probably more noticeable cos it's long but it was blocking up the shower and even the hoover brushes got stuck!! This time i have been along to holland and barratt and brought some healthy hair supplements to see if it will was a little on the thin side but looks fine now...but as i say i was only on the plan for 3 weeks!!

irish molly

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ohhhhhh! this hair thing is a bit depressing. I don't want to think about it!!!! Guess there has to be some price for losing the weight!!
I noticed I started loosing a bit of hair after doing LT for about 3 weeks .. and noticed that it has stopped growing too .. but I think this is a fairly common side effect and is on the video from Lipotrim that as soon as you get back to normal eating ( after refeed ) it will sort itself out .. I am just glad I have VERY thick hair and am actually happy to be loosing some !!!


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I'm like a moulting dog at the mo - losing hair all over the place and not too pleased about it. It used to be really really thick but now its quite thin and I'm starting to get a bit low over it. I know that it will come back to normal at some point but its just not nice at the mo dropping hair everywhere. I dont want to cut it as its the longest its ever been and I would like to have it even longer, but at the moment it looks like a straggly old witches hair :D. Here's hoping its going to be ok in the summertime when I hope to be back on normal food etc :D


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Jools, I know exactly where you are coming from! Mine has been falling out for at least 8 weeks. I am having to empty my hair brush all the time. It's pretty scary, but my hair doesn't look any thinner because of it, as it has always been far too thick.
Would you consider trying a supplement to see if it helps?

Clair x


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Hi Guys,
My friend and I both had our hair cut short during refeed due to the loss but for me it was a small price to pay as I dont have great hair anyway and everyone said that I looked a lot better with my hair in a short style :D. However, my friend cried and got depressed over it. It just depends on your mindset and what is more important.