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hairdressers......Decent cuts

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its took me 2 years to grow my hair just past my shoulders, and i know in my mind what i want, but dont know any celebs who have there hair how i want it

ive been googling very simular hair styles and now i need to find a hair dresser........but scared in case i hate it....or they dont cut it right!.......

Do you find it hard to find a decent hairdresser????

Do you think if you pay top salon prices I.E) toni and guy..... that you would get a better cut?
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the hairdresses i now go to is the cheapest i have had in years and ive never had as many compliments about my highlights! shes now pregnant grrr!!! lol

i asked just asked someone whose hair i always admire where they got it done and thought ill give her a go as who i used to go to was £5-10 dearer everytime i went!

IMO hairdressing is a skill and art and just because they are in an expensive salon doesnt mean it will be any nicer, its all down to the stylist.


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I used to spend £80 every 6 weeks on my hair at the same salon for 3 years. They got bigger and moved to larger premises. Once they'd moved it was like they'd lost their personal touch, the stylist who'd done my hair for yrs would come over say hi etc, check if I was having the usual then leave me with a junior. I'd paid a fortune over the yrs but just wasn't happy to be farmed off onto a junior when I was paying top wack so I stopped going.

I tried toni & guy, cost me £105 and in all honesty it was the worst hair experience ever as well as a mediocre cut & colour.

I then salon hopped until I found my current sylist. I still go every 6 weeks but it costs me £56 so it's much cheaper, my stylist is amazing, she recommends new things if I say I fancy a change, I've never come away not liking how she's done my hair.

I don't always think more expensive is necessary better x


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My present hairdresser is the cheapest I have ever gone to, and the best.

However I did treat myself to a Tony and Guy *experience* when I was in London a few years ago. It was fabulous. I loved every second of it. I chose an art director so that cost more but I thought what the hell, go for it !! It was a really good cut and the most trendy this old bird has ever felt.

It was a one off. It was a pampering, spoiling me day. I could not afford that on a regular basis and quite honestly I am just as happy with the way my cheap and cheerful hairdresser cuts my hair.

The moral of the ramblings of an ancient crone is " no need to pay for fancy "

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I only get my hair cut about 2-3 times a year (only cut I don't colour my hair) And yes sorry to say I do have it done at Toni and Guy. Reason being is the girl who cuts my hair does a fantastic job, I have fine hair but lots of it so when I've had it done at local salons they don't take enough of the weight out of it or if they do it's in the wrong places and end up with steps in my hair. Saying that on one occasion I couldn't get an appointment so went to another expensive salon but wasn't impressed, so money doesnt akways mean better Hairdressers are a very personal thing, everyone has their favorites :)

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I am a qualified hairdresser and hated having my hair cut. I don't do it anymore went into childcare. One of my school friends is a hairdresser as well I trust her to do my hair after 6 years of her doing it. Cut colour my hair cut hubby's and now my boys hair all for £30 every 5-7 weeks. She is now doing my wedding hair!!

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I thought I'd found a decent hairdresser locally who was quite cheap a couple of years ago but after a while she started getting really slapdash with the cutting. She only works part time so I now go on one of her days off and get one of the others to do it. She's now cut my four times (including this week). The first 3 cuts were really good but this week I just think she's done a really poor cut and my hair keeps sticking up on the crown and I hate it.

Think I'm going to have to try one of the other salons in town.


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