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  1. airhead

    airhead Member

    Hi all just wondered if anyone has experienced any hairloss on this diet? One of my customers has just told me someone who works for her lost loads and it was really noticeable.... arggh.... panicing as my hair is my pride and joy, l knew it was one of the possible side effects but not to that extent.:eek:
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  3. shinyhappyperson

    shinyhappyperson Silver Member

    I ask my hairdresser to check mine when I see her (every 6 weeks) and she hasn't noticed any change. I would stop the diet if mine started falling out.
  4. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

    I lost a huge amount of hair after both my pregnancies..... Dreadful all stress related - BUT nothing at all and I have been SS'ing for 14wks, then SS+ and only just on 810 plan with nothing to note at all regarding hairloss :cool::cool::cool:xxxx
  5. Mrs Depp

    Mrs Depp Gold Member

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    Was on CD last year, lost 35lbs. I need to lose another 21 but haven't decided which diet to use yet
    I SSed for nearly 4 months in 06 and lost loads of hair once I started eating again. But I didn't finish CD properly because I had to go into hospital with viral gastro-enteritis (nothing at all to do with CD, just unlucky!) I think that's why I lost a lot of hair, plus it was much more noticable on me because I have very very fine hair already. :(

    I was too ill to carry on with SSing and managed to eat sensibly for quite a while and that's when my hairdresser noticed it thinning at the sides. It did grow back though and although I was embarrassed I saw it as a means to an end and managed to overcome it.
  6. NooNoo1966

    NooNoo1966 Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Have done this diet a few times and did lose a bit on previous times, especially if I was wearing black it would show on my shoulders as I am blonde (not loads tho) but not so much this (and hopefully last!) time round - apparently some people experience hair loss on any calorie controlled diet whether it be a very low one or not....
  7. trintrin

    trintrin Member

    Slim n save
    I lost loads of hair when I did the Atkins diet ( I did it to the letter ).It was about 4 months after I finished it and I was convinced I had alopecia... I even got some medication from the doctors... The hair loss lasted about 3 weeks and then went back to normal ...Hair nice and thick again now
  8. Springador

    Springador Full Member

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    I lost loads first time around, it didnt start falling out though until I was re-feeding, it did stop but its never grown back as thick as it was. I am a bit worried about it happening again. I want to shed weight but dont want to go bald in the processs
  9. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Lost a lot of hair myself when I began eating after LL, but it was uncontrolled eating!! I have very thick dark hair, so it wasnt noticable other than in the sink. My hairdresser did notice bu once I explained what I was doing, she had no concerns, and told me it would regrow with no problems. She too, referred to the post pregnancy hair loss, which I had also had (but many moons ago!!LOL)

    It is growing back now, mainly along my hairline. Bit annoying as short soft, fluffy baby type hair at the mo, cant do any thing with it!! But it HAS returned so no problems really!
  10. Angelchops

    Angelchops Full Member

    I have to say I am losing a lot iof hair but ive been on cd for nearly nine months so maybe thats why. Its very fragile and I can't have it highlighted and have been told not to use my straighteners or even my hairdryer much.

    Im not trying to scare anybody. It hasn't stopped me doing the diet. 22 stone or a bit of hair loss - I know which i'd choose, also I know it will grow back.

    Hopefully you won't have any problems at all.
  11. jane

    jane Opinionated

    I'm with Angelchops.
    If it falls out, it'll be thinning not bald patches.
    It occurs after big weight loss on any diet...not just CD.
    IT is fully reversible & will restore over time.

    Minew wnet pretty thin after 5stone down. but is now a thick messy mop again.

    Have faith & don't let it put you off losing wweight.

    no-one ever developed diabetes,arthritis or heart disease from slightly thin hair!
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