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Halle-flipping-lulah!!! Waahay!!!

nice one!!!
well done hun, thats fantastic
daisy x
Thanks guys!!

Oh, and BL - I want your cardi!!!! Love it!
all in one night? Now that's just showing off lol.
Well done you. I hope you're feeling particularly proud of yourself right now xx
Fan.Blummin.Tastic!!!!! Well done you, what a fantastic feeling!!! :D:D:D I'm grinning for you here! :D:D:D:D
Great stuff well done
Well done Poppy

Well done you.Congratulations - look at that collar bone !!
Fabulous. Hurrah. Feeling your happiness.xxx:bliss::bliss::bliss::talk017::wow::bliss::bliss::bliss:
Aww, you guys! LOL!

I'm so delighted, I can't believe I've only got about another three weeks in abstinence. I went shopping today and bought a lovely pair of skinny size 12 jeans in Next and a couple of other things that I didn't try on and will have to take back tomorrow because they are too big!! I have to get used to the fact that I am smaller now!!
It was lovely shopping and liking my reflection in that changing room mirror!!!

It was also my birthday today, so last night was a really lovely birthday pressie. Also, when I came out of the meeting, the next group of newbies were waiting to go in and my LLC used me as inspiration for them! What a feeling!

Anyway, I almost 'treated' myself with a Diet Coke for my birthday, but I thought that as I've only got about three weeks to go, and can manage to get through this in one piece, having followed the rules 100%!

SB, thanks for noticing the collarbone! That's one thing I was looking forward to when I started!! To be honest, I've become really bony I think, like when I go to scratch my shoulder or something I'm amazed at the feeling of bone instead of well covered shoulder!
Know what you mean

Isn't it great? BL and I were talking about bones when we had lunch (SALAD) together on Sunday.
Don't you just love it when your shoulders feel like a coat hanger???!!!!!
I bought a pair of Next Size 10 jeans -petite, in a charity shop last week. Never been petite in my life before................
Still can't get over it, don't think i ever will. xx


...we're sinking deeper.
Don't you just love it when your shoulders feel like a coat hanger???!!!!!

That sounds every so slightly wrong to be honest! :p While I'm enjoying discovering bones, and dips and curves and such I never thought existed on my body (since I've been fat *all* my life), I don't think I'll like it when I can only feel my ribs, only my bones and skin. I find it creepy on other people as it is. o_O

(Of course this isn't meant as offencive at all, please, please don't take it the wrong way. :)) I was merely stating that there's a point of it looking and feeling lovely, to a point when it starts to be a little bit too far! :ashamed0005: And the 'coat-hanger' comment creeped me out a little!
LOL!! Bring on the coathanger look!! It's such a novelty to me for people to say "you are almost too skinny", which I'm not, but me and the word skinny in the same sentence for goodness sake!!

I love my hip bones, and the fact that I have ribs that I can now feel, oh, and the fact I have a jaw bone!!

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