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Handbags and Gladrags


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
Hi folks,

Well yesterday I went to the storage unit we have, with all kinds of stuff there, old photos, old poerty (from when i was a teenager!!):eek: odd bits of furniture... and...


Well as I am losing weight (or rather using weight as I like to call it) I thought I would bring the lot home.

There was a mixture of clothes from a size ten (just a couple) to size 14's. Of course I had to have a major trying on session and a good rummage.

So quite a lot of the 14's fit, although some create muffin tops so I am waiting a week or two before wearing them, some of the 12's fastened (although cutting off my circulation and air supply lol) and the ten were just pretty to look at!

At the end of it, I sorted them out into newly created wardbrobe space, and put the smaller items futher back, and summer stuff on the top shelf.

It was odd because at the end of it I felt a bit fat (so much stuff not fitting) yet happy at the same time. Mainly cause last time i looked at this stuff, it was with a general feeling of hilarity that I would actually ever get into this stuff again! :eek:

But here I am - planning how many weeks and months it will take me :D.

So after a good sort through and bagging up the less inspiring collection for the charity shop, I decided to tackle the colletion of hangbags lurking at the bottom of the wardrobe! there are loads!

well again - the free make up bags etc from buying too much make up in one go to get a freebie i dont need any more than the last one!!:eek: went in the charity bag, and the others neartly sorted and emptied...

well, there are inevitably some bags i bought to go with outfits...

and emptying them was very revelaving...

so in the bags i used lately (matching larger clothes) contained the following:

tissues (unused!!)
poorly plugs (ditto :eek:)
lip gloss
elastic bands :confused:
business cards
sweet wrappers
pain killers
old receipts(example: petrol stn bill plus: sarnie, lucozade, kitkat)
chocolate bar wrappers
poop a scoop bags for the dog
hand disinfectant
pens and notepad

the usual cr*p women carry right?

well - in my older bag (matching slimmer clothes) I found the following...

tissues (unused!!)
poorly plugs (ditto :eek:)
lip stick (in the days before I fell in love with gloss!)
elastic bands :confused: (what is it with these??)
safety pins :confused:
an apple stalk (I eat the core usually)
old receipts (example: petrol stn bill and ..... no junk snacks)!
sugar free mints
pens and notepad

it was very revealing! in my slilmmer days I never used to buy extra food treats with petrol, in my heavier days I did. I never used to eat anything more than an apple and some sugar free mints when i was on the go, in my heavier days I ate chocolate, and drank calorie laden soft drinks.

in both my slimmer and heavier days I never clean out a hand bag I have used!! :eek: ;)

I also found a one pound coin and a £20 note :D:D:D result, in the new wardrobe tin as we speak!

So all in all, my rumaging through handbags and gladrags has been a very fruitful time.

I am slim enough to conceive getting in the clothes again, but fat enough not to so as to keep my motivation and momentum, I have had an awaking of my handbag habbits and my slim and fat habbits.

I feel all enlightened today!

Happy Tuesday! :D:D

Please share your findings too if any others of you have had any similar revelations!
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