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Happy Birthday BL

Hope you have a lovely day, I know hubby won't be with you but you do your best to spend the day doing things that you want to and looking after yourself :queen:

Am sure the rest of your year will be fabulous!

Many happy returns


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a wonderful day.



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Happy Birthday BL!
Have a fab day :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Happy Birthday to my favourite Brighton Belle.

I know Hubby is at work, but make sure you have a great day!
Good morning my lovely's!!

Thanks so much for your wishes! It's a beautiful sunny day, and I am 48!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness - how did THAT happen!!! I keep thinking one day I will grow up. Maybe by the time I hit 60! :D (Can't see it happening if I am honest - still got a 20 yearl old inside screaming to get out!!!)

No plans as such until this evening when I am going to go spend the evening with the out-laws. Hubby will be in at 10:30am with a pressie for me, but only a "token" as my real gift is a new laptop - which we will look for when we are in the states.

I realised - and don;t worry - I am not down about this - just thought it was significant - that unless I live to be 96 or older, (which considering what I put my body through in my youth is unlikely!!:D) I have indeed spent more then half of my life feeling fat and unworthy.

I now know, by the time the big 5-0 comes along - I will be fit and foxy :D - what a huge relief that is!! I always felt if I had not sorted myself by 50 - that I never would. So here's to the next 30 or 40 years, enjoying life, taking care of me, and living a healthy, full, satisfying life, and making up for all those lost years!

Watch out world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks ever so much for your wishes!!!!!

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Happy Birthday BL!

Enjoy this day celebrating the day of your birth. Enjoy the sunshine!!
I am sure the next year will be filled with love and excitement and all things good.

LOL love the fit and foxy - you might need to change your name in here .... or at least add it to your sig.

New laptop sounds great and I'd be buying it from the States too! How many weeks till you go away now?
:D Thank you everyone!

Hubby came in from night shift and has just gone to bed. He brought me a lovely card and a cool memory foam neck pillow that has an outter goose down sleeve so you have the support of foam but the comfort of feathers. Can't wait to try it tonite to see if it works well!

So now I have the day to myself until this evening. Not sure if what I am going to get up to!

Thanks again for your wishes....and I'll see you all laters!


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OOOhhhh lubberly. Who needs new shoes when they can have orthopedic neck pillow :clap:

Have a lovely birthday BL

OOOhhhh lubberly. Who needs new shoes when they can have orthopedic neck pillow :clap:

Have a lovely birthday BL

Thanks KD - lol - yeah, terribly romantic , the pillow, ay? :D But it was very thoughtful. And I am happy to have it. Sometmes necessity wins over frivolity. :)
Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear BL, Happy Birthday To You!!!!!

Hip Hip Hooray! Happy Birthday My Minimins Mum!!!!!!, lol Hope u have a lovely day today!

Pamper yourself, cos u deserve it!:party0016:

God bless my lovely, have a good one tonight.....

Love Shalini xxxxxx:party0019:
Many happy returns BL - hope you have a lapse free but still lovely evening!!!:party0011::princess::gen126:
Thanks everyone!! Had a really nice time with my outlaws tonite - they are the best. They gave me £200 to go clothes shopping!!! Bless them - they are so lovely. So we had a very nice night, laughing and chatting. It was a great time.

We stuck a candle in my Peanut Bar, and nowt to worry about Lemma - nary a lapse - knew there wouldn;t be. :)

Thanks for your wishes!!!

Thanks Slims. I tell you - I really aced the inlaw department. (And not speaking just of the gift) They are just two of the lovliest people that walk this earth - hearts and souls of gold. The worlds a better place because they are in it and I just feel very lucky. I know how some inlaws can be -my previous inlaws, father excluded, were all crazy. Serious. Like bomb threats at our wedding crazy!! So, I have been paid back for those troubles, double.

Thanks hon.


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