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Happy birthday to IRISHMUM



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Happy Birthday and Good Luck!


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Hope you are having a fantastic day and enjoying yourself before you jump back to the tfr world in a couple days! :D :D :D


A little of everything!
LOL @ Sarahlou- skinny indeed- right back at ya!!

Thanks everyone (esp. Jenny_belte, returning the favour eh! LOL!)

I don't want to annoy all you on LT, but I'm just savouring a thin slice of choc swiss roll that my 4yr old bought me as her pressie- because (she says) "Everyone deserves chocolate cake on their birthday, and because I love you very much!" Aww....(sniff!) Wee pet. It'll be gone by Friday though...no temptation allowed in my house after tomorrow!


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Awwww thats very sweet of her!!
Still, duno how your guna manage ust a thin slice - i'd want atleast 10thin slices!! LOL


A little of everything!
Well...theres still a lot left?....and Daddy hasn't had some yet (with the candles & singing & all that!)

No...must resist...have a meal out later on so don't need it....
Happy birthday hun!!
Hope you're having a lovely day!



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Best wishes for a Happy Birthday:553::553::553:


irish molly

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Have a lovely birthday. Savour every moment, it comes just once a year.


A little of everything!
Thanks everyone!! I have a little hangover today (Im' such a cheap date since losing weight! LOL!) but don't care. I'm up a little weight-wise this morning, but thats to be expected? I got some lovely gifts- an emerald green winter fitted coat in a size 14, a leather kangol bag, a silver pendant, a size 12 warehouse satin pencil skirt (tight, but not too bad- my 'goal' treat!)plus my girls got me a swiss roll and a bag of jelly beans! So am spoiled really...
I have low-carb meals planned for today, and will try to drink plenty when the pain subsides a little? ;P
Thanks again everyone...now to get my head in gear to re-start....

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