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Happy Birthday to me!!

Well as it's my birthday today have been doing a bit of soul searching and decided i really need to shift the pounds once and for all...another year another stone:sigh: i promised myself it wouldn't be like this...have been saying this every year for as long as i can remember! however this is it the end of the line i will be celebrating my Birthday tonight and as a birthday present to myself i have made an appointment to see a Cambridge councillor on Friday! new year.. new me it's the best birthday present i can give myself!
i am feeling immensely positive about starting on Friday...in fact now i have made the decision i can't wait to get my weight loss underway.

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Hi Claire! Firstly, happy birthday! and Secondly, welcome and well done on your your decision to do Cambridge. This forum is amazing and very supportive.
Good luck on your journey. I look forward to watching your journey.
Take care.


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Happy Birthday Claire

Enjoy your night out and best of luck with starting CD on Friday!
Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys except now i have a kitchen full of chocolate cake! :rolleyes: my OH always has to get the biggest dessert...can't think where he gets it from :p;) anyways that chocolate cake is going to be lasting a long time because after today i will not be touching it!
my appointment with my CDC is tomorrow morning so i shall bite the bullet and be starting tomorrow...have to say i can't wait!:D
Happy belated birthday x

I wish you well on your CD journey.

I decided on my birthday last year that i was going to lose weight. It was my 40th and i was soooo depressed. Fat and 40:cry:

One year on and i am nearing 5st off.

Next year will be the same for you if you are really determined.

Good luck x
Day one of the rest of my life...

Day one today and i met up with my councillor first thing this morning so have made a start already.

She was great and a real inspiration having lost 5 stones on the programme...Friday is going to be my regular weigh in day and it wasn't as bad as i thought it might've been after my birthday celebrations. I weighed in at 12 stone 8..we did set a goal of getting down to 9 stone but am thinking more in terms of just getting through today tbh

i am feeling really positive about this but also really hungry and found myself nearly reaching out to pick things up and eat them without really thinking...just goes to show how much of my eating was done almost subconsciously as i had to literally stop myself....also time seems to be going backwards today. i am distracting myself by watching a film and browsing minimins. :D

I am going to think a bit more today about the reasons why i am doing this and also start setting myself some goals....goal one i know is as it will be every day just to get through the day....


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Almost your first day done! I hope it has gone ok for you:confused:
About Day two

Hi 16to10 thanks for asking:) i'm doing ok:) how're things with you?

we went to legoland yesterday as my birthday treat...for the kids really but OH has wanted to go to the original one since he was 5 ;) we had a lovely day but since i'd had trouble sleeping Friday night i was knackered...i ended up doing SS+ in the end which i thought would happen as all those rides made my tummy a bit queasy and i felt like i needed something a bit more solid to settle it :) a little bit cross with myself for doing that but i did last until 3pm...they didn't have SS+ last time i did CD but i think it is an excellent addition as it let me complete day 2 without feeling like i had cheated and if i'd felt like that it may well have been the slippery slope;)

i did take 3 briks with me..the chocolate velvet ones..they are actually really lovely... worryingly i found them a bit moreish so think i'd have to try not to have too many days where i need to rely on them!!! wonder if there are many people out there who have broken Cambridge by binging on the diet products :confused::p

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