Happy Friday

Hi just thought I would share my story with you all. I went on LT about 5 months ago weighing about 12st. Lost about 2 stone didn't properly refeed (or at all if honest). Went away on holiday blah blah blah and needless to say put on most of the weight. Anyway I started lipotrim 18 days ago weighing 11.5 stone (so I didn't put all weight back on from 1st LT which is a miracle). Anyway I have lost 7lbs in week one and 7lbs in week 2. Have found it easier 2nd time round as I discovered the hot chocolate. I could only ever have the strawberry milkshake which is easier in the summer but not so easy on cold days and night. This week has consisted of just hot chocolate - sometimes with peppermint.
To those starting out grit your teeth and get over the first 7 days after that it is so much easier and you will feel fantatastic. Hopeing to continue on LT for another 2/3 weeks.
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well done for getting back into lt great losses and i agree with you grin and bear then after 7 days it gets a lot easier
all the best



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Hi and welcome, I bet you do fine this time, and you'll know to refeed properly next time!


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hiya chick, hope ya dont mind me asking but I noticed that ya add peppermint tea with your chocolate shakes, does tesco or asda stock this dying to try it out? By the way what an amazing weight loss!!


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Great loss hun, well done.

Miss_unknown, I know Tesco's sell a variety of peppermint teas as that's where I bought mine - just wish I liked it!!!!! Lol!



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Well done on getting back on track, its not the easiest thing to do but you've done it. Losing a stone in 2 weeks thats fab. Stay determined and focused on your goal and you'll suceed


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Well done for climbing back on the wagon. Great weight loss too!

It's my first day today and i'm really inspired by everyone's stories.

Keep up the good work hun. :D