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Happy Jesi (What has losing weight changed in your life so far)


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Hiya my lovelies,

Yesterday was a very bad TOTM episode. I don't usually get a period so this time it must have ripped my insides out as I have never seen my tummy so flat.

Here is a list of what has changed for me since starting LT.

  1. Husband says I used to snore occasionally but not any more.
  2. Shoe size went from 6 to 5 and I can wear long boots.
  3. My face is much much smaller.
  4. I have a flat tummy and no bloating.
  5. I went from a size 18 to 14.
  6. Had a period which I think cleaned me out.
  7. I can sit down in any position.
  8. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. Also admire myself when I catch a glimps on shop windows.
  9. My legs look very slim instead of looking like a barrel.
  10. When my husband cuddles me I dissapeare in his arms, not like before when it felt awkward.
  11. I could always find large tops to wear but never any bottoms, but now I just pick up the size 14 and it fits.
Last night I got up in the middle of the night and tried on this size 14 skinny jeans that was a bit too tight. It fit so good and comfortable that I nearly cried. My husband just smiled from his bed at his weird wife that is trying on clothes in the dark hahahahahha.

I was very happy last night and this morning. I am getting weighed on saturday. I know I must have put on weight on top of my 70kg but after restarting and doing LT for over a week I am sure I will be below 70kg's.

I would be very happy to hear anyones list of things that has changed for them.

Thank you all for being here and supporting me as there is no way I could have felt happy without you all.

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Awww what a lovely post Jesi and gratz on feeling so good. I know what you mean about good it feels to be losing weight and so far my list of changes are:

1. My feet too seem to be shrinking from a 6 to 5.
2. My face is so much less round than it used to be - I have these weird lumps of something hard appearing in the middle of my cheeks - they must be cheekbones !!! lol
3. My feet are not swollen anymore.
4. I can walk and talk at the same time.
5. I can walk up the stairs at work without needing oxygen at the top !
6. My clothes are so loose I keep losing my skirts.
7. My tummy no longer touches the steering wheel in the car - I fit my fist in the gap now :D and will probably have to move the seat forward soon.
8. My energy levels have risen and I don't feel sluggish.
9. I think that my thoughts etc in my head are not so sluggish either - I seem to be thinking a lot quicker - though am not sure if this is psychological or not.
10. I feel great and excited at losing so much weight.
11. Friends and family are totally amazed at my willpower and determination - I am sure that most did not believe I could do this.

Like you a lot of the success comes down to the support and advice from everyone on here. I am sure that this forum helps with at least half the battle and gives us the encouragement to continue.
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Glad to hear you're doing well & are feeling so good!! I totally cried a bit when I got into my skinny jeans too, haha ;-)

Goood things:

1. Having the boy (what do I call someone I'm not actually in a relationship with?) pick me up effortlessly.

2. Enjoying stepping out of the house in the morning because I look good.

3. Making plans again because I don't feel restricted by my size!

4. Discovering the joys of clothes shopping all over again.

5. Sitting cross-legged at my computer (or just being able to sit in any position I want, like you, Jesi).

6. Feeling like I'm on a level playing field with everyone else.

I'm tired & can't come up with more exciting ones, haha ;-)



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great thread hun.
what i noticed is

1. im losing my big boobs. got measured the other day and now im 38f. small for me.
2. my waist is getting nice and small, 30inchs now.
3. my back isnt hurting as much with more weight gone.
4. i dont sit with a pillow on lap anymore trying to cover up the flab
5. i feel more confident
6. i like the reflection in the mirror now
7. im sleeping better, all night most the time. use 2 wake up so much.
8. dont reach for my dressing gown in the morning, get up and feel happy with no clothes on.
9. have started wearing make up most days as care more about what i look like.
10. just feel really good about myself, cant wait to get to target.

cant think of anymore right now but sure theres loads more.

x x
  • I look and feel my age
  • I'm now in size 16 clothes instead of 22/24
  • I can buy clothes from 'normal' shops
  • I feel closer to my hubby when we cuddle
  • I have sooooo much energy
  • I can cross my legs - and it's comfy!
  • There is a huge gap between me and the steering wheel
  • It's easier to get my little girl in and out of the back of the car
  • I love seeing my reflection in the mirror, window.... actually anything shiny
  • I put make-up on every day, do my hair nicely and take more pride in my appearance
  • I like having my photo taken
  • I'm much more confident
  • I get compliments!
  • I enjoy trying on clothes (knowing that they will either fit or be too big)
  • I proud to tell people I've lost 6 stone
  • I'm happier and have more fun
I'm sure this list could go on forever...
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wow just reading all of this makes me even more motivated. We can all relate to each others experiences. As we keep losing weight our lives just get better.

irish molly

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Have a long way to go but what gives me heart is:
1)I fit more comfortably in theatre and cinema seats. Don't feel so wedged in anymore.
2)My face is starting to regain its shape.
3)Clothes are starting to feel much loser. A blouse today is positively swimming on me.
4)Was able to easily do a pedicure the other night.
5)Have lots more energy.
6)My skin is glowing.
7)Just feel in control again. I had lost it for so long.
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what a lovely thread, i've really enjoyed reading all the positive replies to xx


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This just shows that it does not matter how long you have been doing LT for but that you can start feeling changes even in your first week. Reading these helps me see what I have achieved and what used to make me sad.
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aww this thread is lovely.. im soooo much more motivated now.. thanks for this Jesi...:D

I look forward too seeing all the great changes, as im only day 6 i havnt noticed too much of a change...

oh im all xcited now :p


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blimey my list could go on forever!!
  • i can cross my legs easily
  • i can run up the stairs to my flat and not struggle to breath at the front door
  • i can cuddle my boyfriend more easily
  • i can bring my knees up to my chest when sitting on the sofa
  • i can fit in the garden furniture on my balcony!
  • i can buy clothes in places other than evans/ plus size ranges
  • i think about what to wear the next day when i'm drifting off to sleep at night
  • i bother with myself more - hair, makeup, de fuzzing legs etc
  • i can bear to look at pictures of myself
  • i can talk about my weight to people
  • i dont dread leaving the house incase i bump into someone i havent seen in a while
  • i can exercise without feeling like people are laughing at me
  • i dont brace myself everytime school kids walk past the office window (as they used to shout horrible things in at me)
  • i look and feel healthier
oh i think that'll do but i could go on!! xxx


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S: 11st13lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st6lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
wow Sarahlou, most of those should be on my list too.

When reading our lists it makes me feel sooo good, just seeing all of those obsticles our weight caused us makes me sad and happy. Above all it makes me more motivated. Well done to us!!!

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