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Happy Monday!

Happy monday everyone! :) I am in an awfully good mood!

I'm lucky enough to get every monday off as i work a compressed shift so longer hours tues-friday. Usually Monday is a lazy day, don't do much and often stuff my face!

But since starting CD i have been so full of energy :) The whole not having to think about food except my 200 cal meal means i have the whole day to myself.

This morning i have routed through my wardrobe and put a load of clothes that are (and will now ALWAYS be too big for me) on ebay, even if they sell for £1 its money i wouldnt have otherwise and can go towards to mass of new size 10's i am buying!

I have also been for a nice long walk up the canal by me for just over an hour. Will clean the house later and do any other odd jobs i find.

When i was walking i stopped halfway for a little rest in the sun and i came over all reflective. I am so proud of what i have achieved in this short space of time and thought to myself even if i dont make my final goal of 9 st 7 for my holidays i will be so much happier than as little as a month ago. I will now continue with my exercise (patiently waiting for shred to arrive) so even if the scales move painfully slow now i will focus on inches and the shape of my body.

Yes i will be having a few days and nights off where i will enjoy what i want, i will not binge but i will enjoy. if i gain, i gain, thats life but i will not give up!!

I think we should all be very very proud of ourselves, its not the easiest of diets and our willpower needs to be strong!

Sending you all very postive thoughts on this sunny monday! :) :flirt2:
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Oooh ooh and i also tried on this beautiful blue lipsy dress in a size 10 that ive had for about 3 years and never ever got close to and it does up! Need to lose some inches for me to feel completely happy in it but thats a mega achievement for me!

I have asked my mum to bring down the dress i wore to my graduation ball to see how far away i am from that - i remember being 9st12.5 wearing that (for that one day then it all went pete tong!)


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thanks for sharing, I'm having a shitty monday, energy seems to be evil at home today. But I need to "update" my closet also because I went for some clothes in the basement (have lots of them so many that I did not even dream of buying new ones) and need to get rid of my bigger clothes. I'm a size 16 now ;)
yay well done you i'm glad you are in a good mood. it does make you realise how good life can be. i have clothes i need to sell to. i'm going away on monday and going shopping for holiday on sat i'm hoping i can but all size 10's i have 10's i get into but always have this what if they are just big size 10's i still can't believe i'm size 10.
we have been up the canal to. we went on our bikes early and we have just come back from park with kids and dog.
trying hard not to eat a blueberry muffin i just baked. (i'm sure they are horriable lol)

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