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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by xnatalie81x, 22 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. xnatalie81x

    xnatalie81x Full Member

    To all the mummies! I am treating the family today and having 2 of my fav red day recipes :) - bacon 'quiche' and the chicken, cheese and bacon cake :) mmmmmmmm

    DS1 got me a snowglobe
    DD got me 6 truffles (120 cals each so 2syns???? - will give kids 1 each leaving only 3 ;) )
    DS2 got me a brilliant apron for cooking and it says 'yummy mummy'

    (all via mother in law of course lol)
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  3. BikerAngel

    BikerAngel Silver Member

    Happy mothers day to you too.
    I got a lovely cooked brekki from hubby and the kids are at grandparents this morning so they left cards for me and chocolates eekk. I will go pick them up later and we will all have dinner together. Doing lamb chops so off to look for nice recepie to do. Will treat myself to nice glass of wine later while watching tv. I am already over this week so no point worrying now.
  4. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    I hate to tell you but 20 cals is 1 syn. That's what I was told in class on Thursday. If you were to eat all 3 truffles that would be 18 syns :eek::eek:

    Have a nice mothers day and enjoy your quiche and 'cake'
  5. xnatalie81x

    xnatalie81x Full Member

    Duh it is 6syns each lol - i have given3 away to OH and 2 kids and when 3rd wakes up he is in for a treat so only 2 to get rid of ;)
  6. Indieflower

    Indieflower I have my mojo

    Happy mothers day to you all also. My munchkin got me the Duffy album (currently playing, chocs, and a mothers day balloon). She also made me diet friendly brekkie....vanilla mullerlight with melon, kiwi, pineapple, and other fruit, I can't remember. Then made a picnic which was SW friendly as well. Couldn't ask for a more supportive little girl (apart frm the chocs lol)!! Love her :D
    Last edited: 22 March 2009

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