Happy New Slim Year


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me me me!! I have been doing SW for about 10 weeks so far (lost 8lb) but not been following 100% but now I have just booked a holiday for march so want to loose a stone in total before then, then I can set another mini target to get to.
Im quite excited!!


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Me too! I lost my way for a while but I shall go back to class next week. I'm starting 2 sizes down on last year, I need to finish off what I started.

Jim Jam

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I'm definitely with you! I'm determined to make this plan work. I've been doing sw since July 09 but haven't really been sticking to it completely, however when I put my mind to it I have consistent weight losses. I'm gonna stop making excuses for myself and see how well I can do. I've got about 3-3.5 stone to lose and want to be sat here this time this year having lost that!


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Me me me!!! Im more than 2st less than I was in August so I suppose thats a good thing! Just hope I can say next year 'Im 4/5st less than I was last year'

Jim Jam

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That's brilliant yummy mummy, well done you and let it encourage and motivate you to do even better going into 2010 x


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Im with you! I have sooo much enthuiasm today!

Just made pudding rice, which was lovely and free, and got spgetti and meatballs for dinner tonight, which is also free! Managed to stay on track last night too so now i'm ready for anything :D

Devon Dolce

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Definitely! I will be at target for my 30th in September - 2 stone and 13 pounds to go xxx


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Me me me!!! I aim to get to target by the end of 2010. I have about 4.5 stone to go (unless I change my target). I've lost over 1.5 stone so far and am still motivated and determined (as I'm currently munching on fresh melon and fresh pineapple!!) :D

Looks like I'm in good company with all you lovely people :clap:


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Me too. I want to lose 2 1/2 stone as soon as pos!
I want things to change. I want come out of my bubble, with some new found confidence. and I need to make new friends that wont drag me down and make a fresh start.
xx :)