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Happy,Sad,Mad and Bad.!!!

Miss Bean

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Due to the chemical reactions in the body when ketosis lovingly kicks in to my system, it ruffles up my pill and decides to punish me with womens troubles.!! I was on one last night, no idea how I felt, sat there crying like a freak - I haven't felt like this in 4 1/2 years - I don't get these type of things anymore...

So to make me remember why I was doing this at 4 this morning I decided to try on some clothes instead. I got in to a pair of skinny jeans that arent skinny anymore and didnt fit 1 1/2 weeks ago, and a pair of M &S jeans that are quite small for their size - give it a week they will be more comfortable too :) I am very very excited! And I went back to sleep with a big smile on my face till 11 oclock!!!! Never ever slept that late before in my life :D

Sorry for the tmi just needed to say something to stop me getting upset again this morning, dont you just hate hormones.

Hope everyone is having a nice day and being good ! xxx
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Funnily enough I have had kind of the oposite, I normally suffer from pretty bad PMT in the week leading up and have a tendency to snap, sulk, cry for no reason, binge eat, not sleep properly and generally be a right moody pain in the a*** to those around me.

However the past few months it seems that the ketosis "feelgood factor" has cancelled this out and I've not been nearly so bad!

It was usual for my OH to take one look at my face when I got in from work, silently hand me a bar of chocolate then disappear out to his shed for a few hours lol, but he told me yesterday he's eaten all his secret chocolate stash himself now cos I haven't needed it! :D


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I have found I am better on Exante, not as much pain for one thing during "that time" - and yes Hormones are awful things! Well done on the skinny jeans fitting better though :)
Bren xx


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Well ladies being a man I will abstain from replying to this thread. Would'nt even try so my 2 pennies worth are worthless

Miss Bean

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S: 16st11lb C: 15st4lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st7lb(8.94%)
Aww Mark no one expects you to understand the disgraceful feelings of PMT, just that you bothered to comment is nice enough :)


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my monthly is very rare these days due to a coil i had fitted, but whilst on this diet i seem to have them more frequently, and if i binge and come out of ketosis, i start all over again,


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I feel happy when im in ketosis but last weekend went a bit mad and came out of ketosis then monday started packs again ive been high tempered but i think that is because im trying to keep my self on the straight and narrow !

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