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Happy songs for today...


ps....day 4 still going strong!!! xx:talk017:
Halfway through the hardest part woman!! Have you reached the waking up skinny feeling yet? LOVE IT! I wake up every morning thinking I'm Angelina Jolie! Imagine my shock when I see the mirror! I can't wait for all the foxy clothes. I CAN'T WAIT IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!
P.S. I'm so learning that dance in the third video and requesting that song on my next night out! WOOP WOOP!!

'ain't nothin gonna break my stride...'

(Ignoring the slightly worrying racist undertone of the first lines - she went to china to have her laundry cleaned?? hmmm)
hell yeah chic....so funny sure we'll get da baby sis to learn it too then hit da town.....they wont know what hits them.....STAND BACK THE BIATCHES ARE BACK:massmoon:!!!!! Hehehehehe :D:happy036::happy036::happy036::happy036::banana dancer:
No chic. not feeling the skinny in the mornings yet but am VERY looking forward to the morning i do, as you've been right about everything else so far!!!

Angelina Jolie, ya say? Now i cud DEFFO live with looking like Angelina Jolie's big sister!! pmsl

BRING ON DA SKINNY (and da lara croft costumes pmsl)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:banana dancer::banana dancer: :bananalove: :party0019::bananalove::banana dancer::banana dancer:
I heart Erasure, reminds me of me yoof when I was skinny and happy *cries*
LMAO!! The three of us! AHH!!! We'll have to go that wee bar in Downpatrick again, and get Paddy Rice to sing again! LMAO. bet ya wee one's BUSTIN for a night out too God love her. That's if we can peel her away from Dolly Dimples that is! hehehe

The skinny's gonna get ya -it's a comin!!
I heart Erasure, reminds me of me yoof when I was skinny and happy *cries*
Did you beat your wee sister up for saying she didn't like them too? Just so I know whether I was wrongly treated or not. LMAO

Love them now though -and not just cus I'm afraid not too either!:D :D ;)

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