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Harcombe Diet ......what are we eating today?

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this new thread for everyone to tell us what they are all eating on the Harcombe Diet. Many of us are just starting this fantastic new diet but are still unsure of all the foods we can and can't eat!!
We already have a few ladies who are doing amazingly well :D following the diet and I know they will be there to help us newbies!
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My menu for today ( phase 2)

B-bacon and tomato
L-tandoori chicken and salad
s-lump of cheddar and a glass of wine:eek:
D-turkey with veg stir fry

May have another glass of vino
I'm waiting on the book to arrive from Amazon & so will probably start next week to give me time to digest (no pun intended LOL) the book & get a shop in for all the good, healthy goodies I need instead of the crap that's filling my kitchen at the moment.

Shall read this (and all the other threads too) with interest to see what everyone is eating.

I'm most dreading the coffee-withdrawal headache as I tried to give up caffeine about a year ago and had the mother of all headaches for 5 days before I gave in & had a huge cappuccino! I can't drink it black either - yuk! Can we add cream in phase 2 like in Atkins?

Best of luck for everyone Harcombing (if that's the right phrase LOL) today
My meals for day 1 (phase 1)

Scrambled egg and bacon

Chefs salad to incl hard boiled egg, cubes of chicken and some ham

Salmon steak cooked in foil with some butter and seasoning and veg

As much water as poss (struggle with this!)
Yes madam dotty you cna have cream in ohase 2 as long as you dont find you have a problem with dairy after cutting it out on phase 1

My menu for today
B-scrambled eggs,made with double cream
L home made BNS soup with rice crackers and e/l philly
s-left over tandoori chicken and salad
D lamb and pea keema-probably with some veg
My menu today :

B: Bacon and tinned tomatoes
L: Roasted butternut squash soup with dill (homemade)
S: Chicken drumstick
D: Lamb steak with BNS chips and salad


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And todays food diary:

Breakfast: Total 0% Yogurt
Lunch: Chicken thigh
Supper: Chicken, runner beans, marrow and roast carrots
Baked apple

Not really Phase 1... Must try better tomorrow. Have stopped the alcohol for the last couple of days... Am going to try not to have any booze til Fireworks party on saturday evening lol...
My target is to lose 1 stone before Christmas... So watch this space...x
How much in total do you have to lose? I would love to lose a stone too, but, would actually like to think I could lose a little more than that (I have a lot to lose, just lucky that I am tall and am told that fortunately I carry my weight well!!!)
What make of yoghurt do you ? I'm really not sure that plain yoghurt appeals to me yet quite a few of you guys seem to have it!


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Have posted the boring details of my weight loss sagas on your other thread love....

I use total 0% greek yogurt... Don't tell anyone but I do use calorie free sugar substitute even if I shouldnt lol....

I would give anything to be 5ft 9ins... Lucky you... ;o)
Day 2 (and feeling quite perky!)

Breakfast: Scrambled Egg
Lunch: Homemade carrot and coriander soup
small tuna salad
Dinner: Steak and variety of veg to incl the BNS chips (not made these before!)

Snacks: More soup if I'm peckish
Day 3 (and feeling full up with a cold)

B: 2 Bacon, 1 scrambled egg and 1 sausage (debbie and andrews)
L: Roasted BNS Soup
D: Sirloin steak, peas and BNS chips
Is it just me using this thread or what ?LOL

B-raspberries,blueberries and NLY
L salmon fillet and green beans
D D&A pork and apple sausages and cauliflower cheese

Not sure yet what my after work snack will be yet-maybe some ham,cheese and olives-MMmmm
Have to say girls your menus look scrumptious - it doesn't read like a diet thread at all!

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