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HARD WEEK/CRAP WEIGHTLOSS - this might be worth a read..

Mrs Roch

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I was speaking to a lady at the weekend and this is her story. It made me realise that if you're focused you can just make CD a way of life for however long it's needed, let your body do the work and then re-think your eating when it's time...

We've made the decision to do this diet for all the individual/personal reasons we've listed and really it's the most brilliant diet because on a daily basis it really is something we don't have to worry about - the packs and water are just the fuel the body needs and as long as we make sure our body's getting these things our lifes can just continue..

It's not easy but there are days that I try and think of it like that...

Here's the story:-

I was talking to a lady (J) I met on Saturday night who has been doing LL for 13 weeks. She said she'd been on SW before and had lost 5st but had put it all back on again so when she started LL she asked the LLC not to tell her each week what she had lost until she had lost that 5st because in her mind that's where she wanted to start from..

Each WI her LLC would tell one of her friends who went along with her and that friend would text J's partner. At her 12 week WI the LLC told her that she was very near her 5st target and would probably do the 5st at her next WI. After her 13th WI, she was out for her OH's birthday and asked him to tell her what her loss total was and it was 5st 3lb...

She's a lot left to lose and plans to stick with it until Christmas and then review how she's feeling, but how incredible to be so focused and motivated without those weekly WI results..

She said, at the end of the day she knew the diet worked and whatever her weekly WI she knew the weight would come off.. she didn't want to be demotivated and thinking, I've been to this party and been good and this bbq and been good and only lost 1lb. At the end of the day her weekly WI are not what she wants to lose - she wants to lose the number of stones they'll all add up to...

Listening to her, I really admire her. She's so right the diet works and if it's a choice of the CD journey, maintaining your current weight and losing a pound or a few pounds in addition to that each week or eating normally and putting the weight back on, I hope I'd know what I'd choose....

Hope this doesn't sound that I'm preaching because I'll be the first to admit it's bl**dy hard but would love to get my head in the same place as this ladys...

H xx
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wow...and she'd lost 5 stones in 3 and a half months!!! well done to J!
Great post Hannah.

Its so true that we let those numbers on the scales dictate our mood for the day or the week, where as if we just put our faith in the diet and let it do its work the weight will come off and we would be more inclined to keep going.

Thats precisely why I banished my own scales to the top of the wardrobe as I was in the habit of weighing myself several times a day. Not sure how I'd cope without my weekly weigh in with the CDC though!
Great post and so true...

I've got it into my head now that aslong as it's a loss...it's a step closer to where I want to be...even only losing 1lb last week...means I am 1lb closer to my target!

Well done H ~ that was very interesting and put's a different slant on things. I tend to get quite stressed about my weekly weigh-ins and weeks where I have either lost a little or sts has had a demotivating effect. Not so that I've ever considered that CD isn't worth it, but more so that I've considered myself a failure for not doing better.

I've had my WI tonight after a week away on hols, and fortunately I've managed to lose most of my holiday weight gain, so I'm only a 1lb heavier than when I went ~ and reading this does make me think that it's the end game that matters so to speak, rather than how long it takes to get there.

Hope you don't mind me bringing this to the top of the threads but for anyone that's having a crap day or not happy with their WI...

H x
I hadn't seen this before. Glad I have read it, thanks Hannah!

It makes me think twice about my scale hopping antics. How great it would be to have J's attitude towards it!

My problem is my "think twice" will last till the morning, then I can guarantee... that whatever I am thinking right now, I will hop on those DAMN scales tomorrow before I do anything else! I'm such a silly moo :p
What a great post!!! I could not do with out the weekly weigh in though! I would so like my head to be in the place where the lady's head. (hope that makes sense as i am still half asleep)
Hannah thanks so much for this post. As you know Im struggling this week but when something like that is put into perspective it changes your attitude. I for one feel better now x
What a fantastic post i wish i could put the scales away might try it get hubby to hide them or put them in his works van and just do my weekly weigh in what a possitive person she was not to know for 3 months and what a weight loss to great inspiration thankyou

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