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hark at me :-(

well last night i spent a while on here, telling people, that once they got there head round things, the diet would be ok.

And guess what, well today i fell off the wagon :cry::cry:

i made hubby a lovely sunday dinner and in a bowl i put some chicken and veg for me.

Then something happened, nothing major or anything, i just did a stupid thing, thinking it was for the best and it has backfired on me.

So feeling very sad, i put dinner out and on my plate i added 3 roasties and some gravey

i ate it and felt like crap, and i've felt like that for the past hour, i had to nip the shop for some washing up liquid and i bought kit-kat and some marshmellows, don't like either, and i just stuffed them in me gob.

Oh god i now feel like crap, why why why

tried to make myself sick but can't

and you know what i just now want a glass of wine, friday and sunday night i always have 2 glasses of wine.

i feel so sad and so dissapointed in myself.

i'm drinking water like it's going out of fashion.

i also need to go back to the gym and guess what i just can't get my backside there.

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Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
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Dont worry
You'll be fine, everyone has a slip up, its just whether they admit it or not.
Just think Tomorrow is a new day and you will do SUPER good. Wont Ya?
Last Night I Was Bad To, Chocolate & Chips etc
So Today, Im Drinking Heaps of water and doing heaps of excerising!
Dont Stress,
We All Love You The Way You are!
Hi Chris, don't make it worse, just put it behind you and start again - you can do it, just don't feel guilty as it won't help you. It's a hard journey but you really will be ok x
Thanks girls

felt so good yesterday as well, and now this

i'm def going to the gym at 9.00am, 1st time so i'll just do an hour, maybe i can get back into that, and work a few inches off.
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As has already been said, what is done is done. The most important thing is to pick yourself up and continue with all the good work you have already started. Use it as a learning experience and a permanent warning. Next time you feel like eating remember how you feel now, how disappointed you are in yourself; if you use this as a deterent it will have served a very positive purpose and therefore won't seem like such a failure. We all fall off the wagon but the people who are successful learn from the experience, dust themselves off and get back on. Carry on you are doing great!


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You'll be fine, it prob won't even affect your loss. Just move on. At least next time you feel the urge to have a blip, you'll remember how poo you feel & will probably say no.... x
whats done is don hun and we wouldent be human with out making any mistakes its happened youve had a blip ( not a crisis ) when you wake up tommorow you will just carry on like before you wont have done to much damage not wen u look at the bigger picture just see what you did to day you will pay the price by not feeling to great for a day or too when you go back into keto ( if even you need to you may be lucky i do hope so xxxxxxxxxx
thank you all so much, this is a great site, for people giving support

i've had a bath, done me face, got loads of moisturiser on now.

feel a bit better, forgot a bit about the stupid thing that i did, which won't kill anyone, but made me look a fool.

lay in the bath, and thought about something hubby said to me before.

i was reading about pole dancers in a magazine, and he was stood waiting to go out, i asked him

'have you ever been to a pole dancing club'

he frowned looked at me and said


'would you ever go' i said

'yes' he replied

'you would'

i said,

'yes, only if you was danicng'

and gave me a wink as he walked out of the door.

maybe that is because he knows i was down after i'd eaten the dinner


a new way of living!
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I had a lap dance once, you should try it - it will defo cheer you up!

well actually i had two lap dances in the same night! Yes I am engaged, yes to a guy, no, not bi - but was still fun. kept thinking, i'll have an ass like that one day (this was way before diet too).

maybe you and hubby should go to a club together, have a fun night out, then vow to offer the same 'service' to hubby when you are at target.

might help keep you on track, a hot steamy night always gets my attention! lol.

chin up.
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hi wickedchris,
dont worry i did exactly the same yesterday, in fact spokkily the only difference was that i had m&m's instead of marshmellows (post :ive done it again)
maybe we can sit in the naughty corner together ?
you have been a massive support to me in my first few days - so don't feel bad or low. you are fantastic and everyone has a blip. giving up food is drastic and anyone who says it is easy is not telling the truth. you are only human and you can only do your best each day. sometimes cheating kickstarts the system so just drink loads of water.

good luck!
morning all, feel well good today and it's all down to the scales,

i stood on them, and they said 10st 0.8lb, nearly in the, 9s

didn't get up to go the gym, due to a late night up with hubby, and were spending the day together.

Thank you all for your messages.

i hope that you all have a good day, and keep glugging the water.