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Harry'sMom's Food Diary

Hi, am new to SW - been doing it for 3 weeks tomorrow. Thought I'd post my diaries here to keep me in check ;) I am doing EE.

Tuesday 10th November

Breakfast - grapefruit, 1 boiled egg + 1 small piece wholemeal bread toasted for soldiers (hexb)

Lunch - 4 slices ham spread with extra light laughing cow (hexa), lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, pickled onions

Tea - homemade chicken curry (from recipe on site) and rice
Muller light yogurt

Syns - milk in tea x 1 - 0.5
- Maltesers - 5.5
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Wednesday 11th November - WI tonight

Breakfast - 2 slices bacon, beans, 1 large mushroom, scrambled egg

Lunch - Homemade chicken curry & rice (leftovers)
Muller light yogurt

Tea - Meatballs & pasta in passata with mushrooms and onion
2 mini babybel (hexa)
2 Alpen Light bars (hexb)

Syns - Yogurt Breaks - 7
- Milk in tea x 2 = 1

Lost 1lb this week :(
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Thursday 12th November - EE

Breakfast - beans on toast (hexb)

Lunch - chicken mugshotz
muller light yogurt

Tea - Baked spud, cheese (hexa), salad,
beetroot, cucumber, pickled

Syns - milk in tea x 3 = 1..5
extra light mayo = 0.5
maltesers - 5.5
Excellent Food diary Hun...keep it up and fingers crossed for a loss this week.
Thanks Mrs V! I'm trying!

Friday 13th Novmeber (Green)

Breakfast - Half grapefruit
Porridge & Milk (hex a + b)

Lunch - Beans on toast (hexb)
Muller light yogurt

Tea - Pasta N Sauce (milk - hexa)
Pineapple, grapes

Syns - Maltesers - 5.5

Bit of an odd day today - manic and work, ferrying sick son home, plan gone to pot!
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Saturday 14th November (EE)

Breakfast - half a grapefruit, mushroom
omlette (milk - hexa)

Lunch - Cous cous with mushroom, onion
peppers and mixed beans
Muller light yogurt

Tea - Baked spud with tuna and
laughing cow light (hexb)
plus baked beans
2 satsumas, banana

Syns - Magic Stars - 3.5
Sunday 15th November (EE)

Breakfast - bacon, quorn sausage,
scrambled eggs, beans,

Lunch - None - too full from breakfast!

Tea - Pork, roast potato (frylighted!),
carrots, peas, beans, cauliflower,
bovril as gravy

Syns - No added sugar jelly - 0.5
Bacardi & diet coke - 2.5
Yogurt Break - 7
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Monday 16th November (Green)

Breakfast - Weetabix minis (hexb) in toffee
muller light, banana

Lunch - Mushroom & pepper omlette
sandwich (hexb)
Cherries in ff greek yogurt

Tea - Quorn, tomato, onion and
mushroom pasta bake (cheese
2 x satsumas

Syns - milk in tea x 2 - 1
Maltesers - 5.5
Tuesday 17th November (EE)

Breakfast - Weetabix minis (hexb) in vanilla with choc sprinkles muller light, banana, 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch - Couscous with onion, mushroom, peppers, spring onion

Tea - Homemade chilli & rice

Syns - Yogurt break - 7

(250ml semi skimmed milk as hexa)
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Wednesday 18th November (Green) WI DAY!!

Breakfast - 1/2 grapefruit, porridge with milk (hexa&b)

Lunch - Homemade tomato soup, muller light, banana, grapes

Tea - CheesyBeans on toast (hexa&b)

Syns - Yogurt break - 7
Hartley's jelly pot - 0.5

LOST 2.5lbs :D
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Thursday 19th Novmeber (Green)

Breakfast - Beans, scrambled egg, mushroom, 2 toast (hexb)

Lunch - Vegetable couscous, muller light, banana

Tea - Salmon (hexb) and savoury rice
FF greek yogurt with cherries

(250ml semi skimmed milk in tea, eggs etc as hexa)

Syns - Maltesers - 5.5

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