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Hartley's fat free jelly crystals


Never Ever Give Up!
I've just been to Sainsbury's to try and find the jelly crystals but either I'm a dumb blonde:eek: or Sainsbury's don't sell them. I did see the little fat free pots and some sachets with powder to make jelly yourself but no crystals.. I bought the pots and stirred one into some 0% greek yoghurt and it was very nice but lumpy and am wondering if someone could tell me where I can fine the crystals?
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last diet.......EVER!!
Hi, I buy them from Asda, I think they are 40p a go.They come in satchets of 2 together. It took me a while to locate them in Asda as they are flat little satchets!!


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks, so am I correct to assume that the crystals are the same as the sachets with powder?


Never Ever Give Up!
Do you mix them in just like that or do you convert them with boiling water into jelly first?
That's right Mirjam. They're very fine crystals / powder. You don't need to make them into jelly first. Just pour in and stir well. Caution a little goes a long way!


** Chief WITCH **
so when people are saying "crystals", they are talking about the double packs of "powder" which I've been using for years? (If so, what a shame! I thought there was a new thing out.) Does anyone else think the lime flavour tastes like lemsip? (ugh!!). I stick to the strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant flavours - having tried the other ones and found them synthetic and nasty!
Are these crystals being added on juice or they are already juice? sorry for the silly question.


Never Ever Give Up!
Thanks guys, from now on I will buy the sachets instead :)


Having another go....
Are these crystals being added on juice or they are already juice? sorry for the silly question.

how do you mean? the powder is powered jelly that you can either
  1. make up and add to yogurt
  2. sprinkle directly into yogurt
  3. make up with yogurt
  4. make up and eat without yogurt...
Thanks for this! I picked up some jelly crystals and some greek yoghurt this morning and am going to give this a go (hope its ok on attack?). I swear I'm going to eat better on this diet than I did before it!!

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