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Hartley's sugar free jelly..

I love Jelly, so I hope it's an option. I am new to Exante and ketosis, so I have no idea really, but maybe it has citric acid which isn't good by all accounts.

I used to have it every day on WW, it really curbed sweet cravings.
I totally forgot to check for Citric acid..
but heres the ingredients..
Gelatine, Natural colourings (beetroot red,Annatto), Adipic Acid, Acidity Regulator, (Trisodium Citrate), Flavourings, Sweeterers, (Aspartame, Acesulfame K), Fumaric Acid.
Wow dats a lot..but hoping none of them will be bad.. fingers x But think it will help no end with the hunger pangs
I've just e-mailed Exante themselves to see if they know..will Help alot with the hunger pangs..please G.O.D.
Personally I wouldnt touch it. IMO there are tweaks (coke zero/bullion) and tweaks - like this and jelly is too much like food for my liking. Personally I feel if I start with some food items then its a slippery slope. I dont know about anyone else but Im doing a TFR for a reason and I just feel introducing food for day to day eating is just not what its about.

I realise people will have it to help get through the day but I just think its a 'cheat' too far.
Your rite girls...saying it like that..it would just be a slippy slope to get on..gonna stay away from it..
I don't know why Exante haven't brought out water flavourings and mix-a-mousse - they were my saviours on CD and made a mean jelly ;)

I agree, as much as id love some jelly, im not going to rush out and buy it. It would be disaster for me....id be trying to find loads of different low cal foods with no citric acid. It wouldnt stop at jelly for me and before i knew it i wouldnt be on a meal replacement diet anymore haha x
I'm not using the jelly.. But heres the response I got from Exante..

Hi Marie,

Whilst following Total Solutions we recommend that you only have the meal
replacements. However some clients do have additional items, such as the
jelly and the effects of individuals differ. Some find that they are fine to
have these items and do not come out of ketosis and others find that it does
take them out of ketosis. Therefore it is totally your choice if you want to
have additional items to help you sustain the diet..

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